The God of High School “oath/meaning” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “oath/meaning”! After what happened in the episode previous? I would be shocked if there was anyone who was still overlooking this anime. This is exactly what you look for what you take a chance on a tournament anime, with astounding visuals.

For this week’s episode, they jumped right into the main attraction which was Team Seoul versus Team South Jeolla. First off, I was thrilled that Daewi was able to fight again, and happier that he was the first one up. His match was worth the wait for the way that they once again showed why he is the rock of this team. This guy just really knows how to take his hits, and dish them out. It helped that he had an opponent in Park Seungah who was able to match his raw power in the ring.

From there we jumped right into the big one which was Mori versus Ilpyo. From just the previews, we knew that this one was going to be a brutal match for Mori, because this was going to be the first time where he faced someone who was truly at a different level in strength and experience in the ring. Now I’m not going to lie, at first I was a bit worried. Up to the airing of this episode, we were given the impression that this was going to be a one-sided match. And this is not to say that maybe half the match wasn’t, but there was much more to see from these two leaving it all in the ring. I was blown away by the choreography which was just these two going at it with their respective styles. Even to see how Mori adjusted his in order to compensate for those weaknesses of his.

Now this wouldn’t be a long-awaited match between these two if they did not further explore the motivations of Ilpyo for participating in The God of High School. It was one thing to know ahead of this match that he aims to get stronger to live up to Taejin’s expectations of him, but surly enough there still had to be more to him entering the tournament and anticipating a match with Mori of all people. That was where we came to genuinely understand this oath he took, and what it meant for him not being able to afford losing. It was heartbreaking, yet it was also endearing at the same time.

What truly elevated this episode was surprisingly the conflicted which intensified between Park Mujin and the forces of NOX. It was quite unexpected that they would clash so suddenly here, but what came of it was excitement from start to finish. Not only did we get to see exactly what it was that this mystery foe did to Jin’s grandfather, we got to see just what kind of power it would take to overcome it. That part shocked the hell out of me, and I loved this scene for it. One of those older fighters lended a hand in this encounter with NOX, and this guy right here was as awesome as they come. I was thrown for a loop in that first second because this guy whipped out so many weapons for someone who was only activating his borrowed power. Yet then, out of nowhere unleashed so many attacks which were all so unique in their very on way. Not only that, but succeeding in working in sync to create one chain of attacks which consistently kept growing in strength.

Though to speak about that part which elevated the episode, that would be the guys surrounding this fighter who played this assault to an orchestra of instruments. I was blown away because it was so traditional, powerful, and the way it overlapped the match unfolding between Mori and Ilpyo was wonderful.

Beyond this, it was good to see that this problem participant has much more going for him than just being that violent obstacle. It seems like everything connects in some way, which is good longterm for those who want to see that this story is one put together wisely.

In the end, I would say that the bar was raised this week, which is saying a lot after the events of last week’s episode. The God of High School “oath/meaning” had great action, character development, and it didn’t hurt at all to also have a good soundtrack to such a crucial moment in this story unfolding. The pacing is still a thing, but at the end of the day you cant tale away from the entertainment value this series gives you. Especially for one which I’m sure transitions very well from the manga given the efforts of MAPPA and others.

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