Black Clover “Those Remaining” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 142, “Those Remaining”! This was an interesting episode to me, because normally from just the title you kind of had some clue as to what to expect from one. However, this one left little to the imagination unless you pay attention to the previews. Those remaining could have meant a lot of things, but I did enjoy what it actually meant when we got to the start of this episode.

Off the bat, the intro was great for the fact that it took a step further to address the magic situation of this world. Yeah we know what kind of person Asta is, but it can be just as tough for those who have magic, but but much of the potential to really do anything with it. A perfect entry into addressing more of the aftermath from the war with the elves. It was one thing to see how much destruction was left for the smaller villages to deal with, but it was another thing to experience what it must have been like for those who lost more. I mean there’s no way that everyone made it out of this attack without actual lives lost too. My only problem was with the one commoner who they focused on. Her magic was unique, yet her living conditions were confusing.

You have a family which treats you like dirt, even hurls insults at you when they are the ones in danger, but you mourn them? Enough so to stop everything you’re doing to find the ones responsible for their deaths? Sorry, but that doesn’t work for me. I’m sure they will add clarity later on, though later on is not when they should have tried to make sense of this.

Setting that aside, everyone else who we encountered after made it easier to believe in what was unfolding. What really made sense was believing that there would be anger towards those who are responsible for the destruction and loss. All these people know is that what happened was the work of the Devil, and those with connections to the Devil. When you keep them from even getting justice from the person who was initially set-up to take the fall, what do you think is going to happen afterwards? That is usually when regular people begin trying to take justice into their own hands. And while you knew that this would obviously put a target on the backs of Asta and Nero, I liked that they also painted this target on everyone who was witnessed attacking the capital under the influence of the Elves. Because of course these people don’t understand that there is a difference between what it caused by the Devils, and what was caused by the Elves.

So with that said, this brings us to the ones they went after first. That was an intense couple of scenes since we were seeing how motivated these people who now call themselves Devil Banishers are. They were definitely determined, though not enough to cross a line. At least not one that we have seen yet. I was actually surprised by how thought out their plans were to just make a move on Asta and Nero. Even on their worst day, these two would be a handful to take on. So that is why I was surprised by their method of capture. The only thing which clearly wasn’t taken into account was the amount of resistance they would receive from everyone else in the process.

Now these Devil Banishers as a whole have been an intriguing choice of enemy to create when questioning how this could possibly end. There is no true bad guy here. Just a bunch of people with a misunderstanding of events, and no particular person to direct their anger to. So far we are given the impression that that this might be one of those situations where things might have to get dicey before a resolution is met.

Overall, a solid story they have set-up in this filler period. Black Clover “Those Remaining” continues poking the bear to challenge how much has truly been ignored since the attack by the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

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