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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Marauders #12! As I said last month, the time for grieving has passed. The Red Queen is alive again! And even though Kate only being able to be brought back now sparks some gig questions, the most immediate problem is how to deal with the man who killed her in the first place. A new game has been set in play, and have mercy on the one who made this so personal.

This was definitely a new lease on life for Kate. Not only has she been brought back from the dead, this is her first opportunity to walk the grounds of Krakoa. Honestly, I had my fears that this was never going to happen. So it thrilled me that we were able to flip to that first page and see a different side of Kate who finally got the welcome she has needed since day one. In fact, I also enjoyed that once more they gave us the introduction which others tend to get. There’s something to love about the tradition they have now sewn into their way of life. Especially when it comes from these mutants taking so much pride in who they are. After that, there was the celebrating, and everything about it was such a feel good moment. This was an important scene, because all of the people waiting to see Kate again have been missing from her life since she couldn’t pass through the gates.

Though the perspective was not lost on what has changed about Kate since her resurrection. One does not simply find out that they were murdered and go back to business as usual. Someone like Kate is going to want to get back to something normal, and then start making a move to respond in kind. While this issue is not her actually taking that first step, it does more than enough allowing us into her head. We walk away from this chapter with a strong understanding of what kind of mood she has been put in. Though it does make you wonder if murder is on her mind, given the mutant laws and all.

Aside from this, it was good to see that things surrounding the death of Kate were not swept under the rug. Obviously this wasn’t going to happen in terms of Kate, Emma, Storm, etc. looking for revenge, but it would have been troublesome if no one else started looking into things on their own. One does not simply die the way she did, or struggle being resurrected the way she did, and eyebrows not raise.

What surprised me about this issue was seeing an artist whose work I was unfamiliar with until now. Matteo Lolli did a commendable job with this issue between the personal moments shared between these characters and Kate, and the always appealing setting of Krakoa. The most important thing from Lolli was the playfulness with Kate’s expressions. The excitement and joy she wore one minute, but the fury she wore after to reveal what she was really feeling. Beyond that, visually there was small things I appreciated seeing from this art team too. Such things like Bishop in his Red Bishop attire. Say what you will about the nostalgia from his original costume, but this is looking like a winner to me. Including the haircut. As for Pyro, I’m certainly happy that no one has backtracked on his face tattoo. It has been a bold change, but this is a bold venture, like Kate’s knuckle tattoos.

Long live the Red Queen! And light a candle for Sebastian Shaw who has no idea what he is in store for. Well actually, neither do we, but it is exciting that this creative team has chosen to keep us all in the dark till her plans kick off.

Marauders #12




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