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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about X-Force #12! Things are heating up fast. When you think of X-Force, you think about tackling the big problems which you don’t want knocking at the door of the mutants. Right now I would say that we’re there, and fortunately there’s not too much interference from this Swords of X, yet. The big question right now was how the mutants would recover from this attack, and then respond to it.

Though the most important thing of course was trying to find out what the heck just happened, and what the intentions were for the people behind this attack. It didn’t take long to see that this was from Russia, but that was only what was being seen on the surface. The true horror was understanding who Russian was calling the shots here. That was the real surprise, because this was not someone you would expect to become a problem for Krakoa. Let alone align himself with the likes of Xeno. The opportunity was there for them to explain the motives of Xeno, and that was satisfying to some degree. Most things you could have already pieced together yourself, but there was a big difference in being able to see exactly how these people were twisting science to keep up with Krakoa. In that moment it became easier to see how that distant future was becoming a possibility.

Now from there, I could see why Beast would want Colossus to work with them. Partiularcy after discovering who was behind the attack. However, I feel as though this was one of those situations where it would have been more fitting to call in someone like Magik. A mutant who shared the same connection with said person, but with the advantage of actually being capable of doing the things her brother can’t.

My only issue probably has to do with the way that the Russia situation is being handled on Krakoa. I get that this is a delicate situation being political, yet at the same time it didn’t feel like they were doing enough in the moment to really figure out how to approach it. At some point someone should have been able to figure out that the Cerebro sword was stolen, not to mention someone should have been able to figure out that Quintin Quire was not accounted for when the attack was finished. I mean it’s not as if he wasn’t a part of the team for how long. At this point it should have even been a big deal to make sure that his body was not one taken away to be cut open for parts. You know, because this recent attack didn’t already say enough about how far humanity was willing to go in order to keep up with the biological advancements.

I know it seems like that is a lot of problems to have with the plot right now, but this is a big thing unfolding, and right now there are one too many gaps found in the X-Men’s response to this. Especially when this is more of an X-Force matter. This iteration of the team is supposed to be powered by intelligence in contrast to other iterations who simply threw themselves at the problem to deal with it.

The interior work from this art team at the very least did not disappoint. Unlike the other X-books, the settings were definitely lacking, but where this team made-up for it was with the characters themselves and their actions. That was where you could see most of the effort put into the pencils specifically. Notably the character proportions, positioning, I  would even say the use of perspective stood out too. Now it was the colors which had a strongest impact on the appeal of the art. The pallete used for this book was stunning. An excellent range of colors, not to mention blend of colors which meshed very well when it came to textures and tones.

Well they didn’t lie. After the events of X-Force #12, the first drumbeats of war have begun to sound.

X-Force #12




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