Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “I Know Hell” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “I Know Hell”! After such an insightful episode of Re:Zero previously, the game has changed drastically this season. This twist we were hit with was shocking because normally Subaru is not offered this kind of assistance to understand what he was dealing with. Though even with the knowledge he now has, will it make much of a difference if there isn’t too much that he himself can do compared to others with real power?

Off the bat, that first scene threw me for a loop. This was the first time where **** hit the fan before the next life even started. By the time last week’s episode ended, all that was left was Garfiel and Subaru escaping from the Witch of Envy who had swallowed the entirety of the Sanctuary in shadows. Now I was half-expecting them to go somewhere big with this, but I was perfectly fine with them wrapping things up quickly too. With that many people lost, this was already a life which had to be reset. However, that didn’t change the kind of experience Subaru and Garfiel had taking on a Witch. That was a terrifying scene for the realization in what kind of power these Witches commanded in the real world.

From there, of course there was the reset. Though you also had to wonder what kind of Subaru we would be dealing with in turn. They definitely made us fear for the worst at first, but what emerged from that tragedy was someone more commendable than before. I loved that even with this death, Subaru came out stronger. Though actually, I should say smarter. Credit where it is due when he has grown to a point where every new lease on life is a chance to do things differently, for the betterment of his situation. It was very interesting here and there watching him dissect things which were both different from before, and working in his favor to accomplish things he would not have been able to do in the previously.

Where this took him opened us up to another insightful discovery. Honestly, for as much as I love some action is a series like this, I appreciate more when you have the those tame scenes where things just simply click. That was what we got from Subaru and his surprise encounter this week. Once again he knew exactly what kind of questions to ask. Not to mention what requests to make in order to plan for the future. We joke about Subaru himself being weak, but it takes a strong person to understand this and look for every way to overcome this with the assistance of others.

I liked that by the end of this episode we made it back to the mansion. At first I was definitely caught off guard considering everything which just happened, but when you look at things from a larger perspective? It made sense! With this new boost in confidence, Subaru has it in him to look at everything he has experienced from a different angle. If he did that, it would be just as important to make his way back to the mansion in order to figure out what the heck is going on there. He can’t fix what he doesn’t know, and he can’t make a full plan which does not include what he needs to do when he’s done with Sanctuary, and the mansion is the final destination. At the same time, they ended this on a note which should make any anime-only fans anxious to see what comes next. I think we all want to know what the deal is with Beatrice, and now was the perfect time to see where she fits into everything now unfolding.

Overall, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “I Know Hell” was another engaging episode for one which placed priority on clarity of the story and plot, above horror and shock value.

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