Fire Force “Dark Hero” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Dark Hero”! Given everything we now know about the Tabernacle and Amaterasu, there is no looking at this world the same way anymore. It makes you wonder what will now also change about the 8th Company’s mission now that they know the people who they report to might not be the most trustworthy.

What came next was interesting. First there was the reaction to take from the rest of the Company as they were debriefed on the investigation. Obviously some of them would find it easier to accept the information they were given. While others would struggle with what these revelations mean for their understanding of how the world worlds. In other words, world-shattering. Though the big thing was seeing what they would do next with this information. I was of course shocked that they would even still decide to pass this information up, though more shocked that there wasn’t much which came from it. What happened here all but confirmed what everyone feared about finding the truth. Not everything or everyone is to be trusted who is in a position of authority.

From there, they took a refreshing change of pace by taking most of this episode from the perspective of Licht. This was the episode we very much needed for the guy, because he has been one big question mark since he joined the 8th Company. Unless you read the manga, you had no idea what to expect from Licht. His motivations were up in the air, as well as his allegiance being someone who works with Joker. Someone else who we did not understand fully till this week. By the end of the episode I appreciated the depth they gave this character. It’s important to have a character like Licht who is there simply as someone who craves the truth. Right now there is nothing more important than uncovering the secrets of this Empire, and it takes someone who is devoted to that and nothing else.

With that said, there was something to love about his view of the world as well. It was about time that we could walk in the shoes of someone who sees things for what they are. Someone who also knows how to be observant and make decisions based on what they know, rather than what they feel.

From there, there was excitement for the focus which they also brought to Joker. Just like Licht, this was another character who we needed much more time with. It didn’t take long either to understand the titling of this episode once we understood the role he plays in the bigger picture. Where I didn’t think much of Joker due to his vagueness, I connected with this character much more now that he had the room to make his motivations known. It was certainly worth the wait to discover what his alignment was, and if he was a character who you wanted to invest in. After this episode, I would say he is. Joker is much more than the wildcard. He is the kind of character you want to see more of because he works without some of the restrictions which you would have called troublesome for most fire soldiers.

Now they said a certain man visits Benimaru, but we know that person is Joker. This was an awesome development because not only are these two powerful, only they would be so bold as to make a move against the church for the sake of finding the truth to the world. To say that they rocked the boat was definitely an understatement too. Though you had to love every minute of it when the dialogue between these two was fine entertainment. For two people who didn’t fully trust each other, and have contrasting personalities, somehow they just clicked.

Overall, Fire Force “Dark Hero” changed the game after Shinra and company returned from their investigation. Moving forward, these guys have to question everything. And playing by the rules might not be the only solution when trust in the church is low.

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