The God of High School “lay/key” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “lay/key”! If there was an episode in this first arc of the story to get hyped for? It was this episode! There was nothing but love for the one match which genuinely indulged in the exhilaration that comes with pure martial arts clashing in he ring. Though this was going to be the episode where potential power would decide the victor.

Off the bat I was excited by the start of this episode because of the decision to explain the importance of the Fox spirit. For the one borrowed power which everyone seemed to get excited about, there had to be a story to it. I would say I was satisfied by the story of the debt of “Kanege Nine-tailed”, and the animation they went with to breathe life into it.

From there we were able to jump right into the third round of this fight. I wasn’t sure if I was thrilled or terrified for what was about to happen with Ilpyo. Part of me was getting Naruto flashes, and in that moment thought that this was just going to be a done deal for Mori. So what I enjoyed about this was that they did more than what was going to be predictable. Of course they had to allow Ilpyo to posture the new difference in power, and of course it was flashy given his new set of techniques to accompany this borrowed power, but after this? It was right back to that sweet exchange of proper martial arts.

Now where things got shocking was getting a taste of what power lies dormant within Mori. Obviously this was not going to be that kind of match where they were about to allow the main character to get his tail whooped. When they said that Mori was going to tap into some supreme power, I assumed we were just going to see a power boost and Mori taking the appearance of what was seen in the promotional imagery for the series. I was not prepared for what was really much more than what we were seeing on the surface. To even say that the power Mori displayed was godly, seemed like one heck of an understatement. Especially for how quickly he was able to turn things around so ruthlessly by the end.

What truly caught me off guard was seeing just how much of a drastic change the story could take by the end of the episode. Up to this point, they gave us the impression that this was going to be a tournament that you would really want to see play out till the bitter end. So who would have thought that finishing the tournament was not in their plans? I mean as I said, part of me was shocked. Though at the same time I couldn’t hep but love the influence that this change in direction was taking from Dragon Ball. I can’t remember the last time where they really had a tournament that went from start to finish before going sideways nearing the end. Even how they revved up to that change in pace was excellent. You would think that things would wind down again after Mori and Ilypo’s match, but that just wasn’t the case. Things got dark, and from there the floodgates were opened.

Surely there will be some viewers who might be a bit troubled by this current development in the story and plot, but one thing should be addressed. That is the reality that the primary goal of this tournament was to bring all of these young fighters to the ring and hope that one of them is revealed to be the key. You can’t entirely believe that things would have continued the way they were going if the key was found, and all interested parties made their move to either secure it, or destroy it.

Lastly, it goes without saying that this would be the part in the story where things fully escalate between the commission and NOX. While surely enough you want to see more from our three main characters, it’s hard to deny what is always on the table by including the more experienced fighters in the action. The set-up for their big confrontation was great because I did find myself looking forward to how far this is going to go for the sake of securing the key or destroying it. Part of me wants to believe that what comes next is going to involve some explosiveness. You know, the kind which completely disregards the existence of the world just to create a grand spectacle.

All I can say is that by the end of The God of High School “lay/key”? I was blown away. This was one of those series where I was content on believing it was something small to enjoy for the entertainment value or spectacle, but right now it is becoming so much more than that.

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