Black Clover “The Tilted Scale” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 143, “The Tilted Scale”! After last week’s episode, I was fairly shocked by the reception of this story. You had some who were okay with them focusing on other people who actually suffered from the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s attack, and then you had those who simply couldn’t find a care for it. You know where I stand on this too. So with this week’s episode I definitely wanted to see if there would be more done to make this a story which didn’t create too many mixed reactions.

That said, it’s sad to say that I don’t think they did enough this week to change that as much as they should. This episode pretty much came and went and there wasn’t much to take from it at all. Actually, there really was nothing to take from it. Aside from the small set-up they did to get the rescue mission rolling, there was just a bunch of drama stirred up which really should have been handled just as easily as it started. From just the promo for this episode, it was easy to see that what came next for the Black Bulls was connecting the dots to begin figuring out who came after their people. Obviously, this was going to lead to one Damnatio, who we already know had nothing to do with the Devil Banishers. This is where all of the unnecessary drama started, and lingered on way longer than necessary.

The only thing that was worth noting was how bold the Black Bull are for being so confrontational with the likes of Damnatio. This guy has the power, the influence, and the position in the capital to protect him from just about anyone who has a problem with him. However, this wouldn’t be the Black Bulls if any of those things were going to keep them from doing what they felt was right. It was an intense scene. Especially for the fact that on one hand you had one Gauche who was looking to start a fight with the person responsible for kidnapping Marie, and then you had one Yami who would of course find himself in a mood when an act against him like this is one to take personally. Now with that said, this still didn’t change the fact that this scene took most of the runtime for this episode. They could have been doing much more to add more context to what was about to unfold. Not to mention give more stakes to what both sides are fighting for. For a bunch of Devil Banishers, one would think that if they really meant to banish devils and those associated with them? They would have done everyone in on the spot, instead of kidnapping them to inevitably be taken back by the end.

I would say that the major problem right now is that at the end of the day, this is nothing more than a detour at this point. The story did seem interesting at first for the effort put into covering all corners of the kingdom, but the impact it is supposed to have on us is currently lacking. At this point I just want to see the Black Bulls and company stomp these guys out and get back to their training. Because the training from everyone who is to be involved in the Spade Kingdom invasion are the ones who truly hold our investment. Everything else is background noise if it is not approach with quality writing.

By the end of Black Clover “The Tilted Scale”, I wouldn’t really blame anyone who felt like they were going to skip over this story, or lose faith in what any of the others after have to offer. I’ll keep watching just because, but you have to do more for everyone else who has higher expectations for this series. Even during a large filler arc.

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