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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Immortal Hulk #37! And now the first test subject of Shadow Base has unleashed its wrath on Team Gamma. These guys really can’t catch a break at this point. Though I suppose that right there might be the true horror of Immortal Hulk. The idea that you can change the world, despite being an agent of destruction, and yet be met with so many challenges and enemies who consistently pull you from that goal.

With this issue they just jumped right into the madness of this development, though not before first explaining how this came to be. Obviously, given everything we know about this first test subject, it almost seemed too well-timed that suddenly he would have sprung himself from his tube. Especially if he had it in him to do that at any time he wanted to in the past. All it really took was those first words which passed his lips to kind of put the pieces together for yourself. Only one person in this book really talks that proper, or that familiar with any of the other Gamma people. It felt right seeing who was really pulling the strings here, because everything continues to fall in line with what’s also transpiring outside of the Shadow Base.

I was actually shocked with how forward things were getting with The Leader, because the only way he could be so bold is if he was making that much progress with his research of the Green Door. His dialogue was brilliant as well for the fact that you could feel the madness spilling out of his words. Unlike everyone else, he knew what he was doing. And better yet, he didn’t care either if he was messing with things which should be left alone. I even loved the mystery they tossed in to which doors were under his control. Clearly he knows how to play the part of each person whose door he stole. It was worth it to take this from the perspective of Leonard as well. Leonard may not be the most useful character on this team, but there is no denying the things he is able to figure out which others can’t. Sometimes it does pay to know people, and understand habits, even if there isn’t too much you can do yourself to stop said things.

That said, this didn’t mean that they were going to fully ignore the battle brewing between the Hulk and Gamma Flight. This was an intense clash between the Hulk and Absorbing Man in particular, because it’s not very often that Creel will go this far to fight on the same level as the Hulk. It was great that this battle didn’t go on longer than it needed to be, and just as good that everything dealing with Rick was not ignored for this battle. There was just no way you could stand there and not pay attention to the guy looking so deformed from absorbing more gamma than his body could handle.

The artwork for the interiors was on point. This right here was what I was here for. A majority of this issue was Joe Bennett and Paul Mounts simply indulging in everything brutal that comes with these forces of gamma power clashing. The intensity of these shades of greens, the horrific nature of what gamma energy can do to a person’s body on the receiving end, everything which pushes the upper limits of the human body. It was a sight to see as they created this stomach-turning visual of what control looks like to The Leader. It meant a complete disregard for everything he comes in contact with, for the sake of science. I mean, there’s nothing like watching someone peel away their own skin to send that message home too. Now what also made a difference in this issue was the use of perspective and layout for the pages and panels. All of this made every flip of the page refreshing, and further putting you in the moment as one shocking scene unfolded after the next.

Overall, Immortal Hulk #37 changed the game drastically. This is The leader like you have never seen him before. Its anyone’s guess right now how anyone is going to stop what’s coming, because there is no power greater than ‘The Keeper of the Green Door’.

Immortal Hulk #37




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