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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the debut of Seven Secrets #2! After the debut of the first issue? This creative team definitely had my attention. We walked away from that first chapter with a solid understanding of how this world works, how The Order works, and what kind of dangers they are protecting the seven secrets from. As I said last month, the key to the success of this book will be how it continues to break from the mold. To be more than any other book out there that is similar.

So far, one of those elements which breaks this book from the mold is the story of Caspar. A lot of things happen with a story like this, but not too often is one of those secrets going to involve a child. Between the first issue and this second issue, I think it was wise that they decided to jump right into how Caspar came to be. These days everyone will try to make you wait for that kind of information, but it never hurts to kick things off with a grasp of said character’s origins. Especially when said character is supposed to be your main character for the book. For as much as I wanted to see Caspar in the present, it seemed much more important to know what makes him special in the eyes of those around him. Seeing how unique his birth was, says more than enough about what the future holds for him. With that said, I’m thankful that not too much time was spent during the times of baby Caspar, because this allowed plenty of room to see The Order through a different lens. From Caspar’s perspective there was a sense of wonder to this that tells a different story from what we were exposed to in the events of the first issue.

From there, we also had the opportunity to get the gist of some of the other Holders and Guardians as Caspar encountered them. This was an excellent scene because I did not think they would be so quick to allow us to see so many more of them outside of the ones closest to Caspar. I’m not going to argue with this either, for the fact that each of these Holders and Guardians left enough of an impression that you would want to see more of them down the road. That said, it was still good to see that adults were not going to be the only ones Caspar interacted. With this second issue we really made our way around the place with Caspar, and learned much more than what you thought was going to be available for us to explore.

If there was anything that I would like to continue being in the dark about, I would rather them keep a tight lid on the secrets which these Holders and Guardians keep. These are things which can carry a story for a long while if the reveal of each is paced out just right. There are some scenes here and there already where they tease us through vagueness in how dangerous some of these are, and that is perfect for this first arc.

Visually I loved our introduction to the other Holders and Guardians because they were quite the colorful bunch. When you think of people in these positions, you would think that you could match a basic description to their appearances considering the level of professionalism that goes into their duties. However, for a many of these characters, they wear their personalities on their sleeves. Between the design of these characters, and the color scheme chosen for most of them, you can tell that they had no problem allowing individualism in this story. Now to an extent you could actually say the same for Caspar. We didn’t jump too far in time with him, but just far enough where we were introduced to this wide-eyed boy who was simply indulging in the exhilaration of learning about this whole world existing within The Order.

All in all, Seven Secrets #2 continues to add investment to this story and what promise this book has down the road. Caspar has now slipped into the lead role, and through him we are learning a lot about the structure of The Order. Though it was definitely a shocker to be hit with a twist by the end of the issue which really changes everything you thought you knew about the direction this story was taking. But that would be fairly in line for this creative team.

Seven Secrets #2




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