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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Thor #7! This run of Thor has been the subject of a lot of talk since the end of the last major run. Mainly because not everyone you could say is on board with just how metal this turned out to be. Some say maybe he was too strong here, that maybe the enemy wasn’t as dangerous as he was made out to be, that they should have created a more unique situation for Thor than to struggle picking up his hammer again. I for one was willing to see where that last part was going, because it is something different when in this case, everyone else is becoming more capable of picking up his hammer with ease.

This issue was fairly to the point when it came to the situation with the hammer. One would assume that Thor simply lost control of the hammer and it fell to the Earth, but that would have been too simple. There had to be something more to creating this opportunity for others to understand the situation. This may not have been something which the story actually eluded to, but when you look at the cover image of this issue? You kind of get the picture that Mjolnir is not going to remain in the possession of Thor too long. Even for how vague Thor was about this experiment he was trying to test out with the hammer, you could piece together what was about to happen. This in general I would only find to be a problem for the fact that at the end of the day, it is going to take some convincing to make us believe that while the hammer is becoming heavier for Thor, it is becoming lighter for everyone else. This isn’t something which you can just slap in the opener of an issue and make a thing. Believing that Thor was unworthy to carry it in the past was easy. This on the other hand would come off as reaching until there was clarity brought to the cause of this problem.

That said, it was an interesting development to see just what happens when someone else picks up the hammer. The design work for the person who underwent the change was quite creative. I’ll admit that it never gets old seeing how different someone can look when their attire changes to something more Asgardian. Which brings me to the work from this art team overall. With an issue like this, it wasn’t hard to believe that they would shift over to a guest artist. Sometimes this is when things become hit or miss. Sometimes they nail it, other times they leave you wanting. In the case of Thor #7? Aaron Kuder nailed it on art. I was impressed with the pencil work from him because this is someone who has patience for the art. He renders the characters, the settings, and more importantly breathes life into all of it. Particularly the characters who were satisfyingly expressive. Even Beta Ray Bill who is not always the easiest due to his physiology. Aside from this, it was great that Matt Wilson remained as the colorist. This guy is simply made for books like this. He brings a level of energy to the pages which elevates any scene. Particularly that which involves gods.

One thing I did appreciate is that this issue did not ignore everything which unfolded as Thor sought to destroy the Black Winter with Galactus. One of those major things was Thor clashing with Beta Ray Bill over a disagreement about his involvement. No only was some harsh words exchanged, from Thor specifically, but he broke Beta Ray Bill’s hammer in the process. That isn’t something you simply walk away from without looking for some resolution afterwards. As this scene unfolded, it was even better that we were able to get this version of Beta Ray Bill who wasn’t quick to forget how this felt. For everything Thor has been going through, this does not excuse a lot of the things he has either said or done under the weight of his responsibility.

All in all, a solid issue that we got out of Thor #7. Though as I said, there is much work that will have to be done in order to sell us on the situation with Mjolnir, and whatever is coming for Thor and Asgard.

Thor #7




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