Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Taste of Death” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Taste of Death”! Oh dear, the taste of death… They couldn’t have chosen a more troubling string of words to make you worry about what comes next. Just when you think you have seen everything brutal about this situation, now you know that they are still willing to crank the dial to **** with you.

The first part of this episode was definitely an emotional rollercoaster. It was the episode which I have been waiting for since the first day that Subaru met Beatrice and found out that she is unlike anyone else he will meet in the series. I mean it was one thing to know that she was a spirit like Puck, it was another thing to know that just about everything she said and did was based on a script, but it was another thing entirely to understand just how far those instructions went. Not to mention what the experience has genuinely been like for Beatrice to follow those instructions to a tee. This was the most vulnerable that we have ever seen Beatrice and it hit hard for the fact that you knew that this interaction between herself and Subaru was leading to something tragic. The reveal of that tragedy was simply heartbreaking because no matter how this life here ended, he was being forced to do something for someone else which really went against everything he stood for. Now if we were being fair to Beatrice, then it was heartwarming that there was much more to her story than what you feared. They let her story conclude without being the problem she was speculated to be.

For this week’s episode, there was many takeaways to enjoy from it. The first of course being that Subaru knows exactly what he’s up against at the mansion. Doesn’t mean he knows how to handle the situation, but he now knows what kind of power he needs backing him to finally make a difference. Unless there’s someone else that they really want to add to that chaos at the last minute. Then there’s seeing the true face of Roswaal finally revealed. This was a long time coming, and I enjoyed what he had to say when the lies and deception were left at the door. This isn’t to say that we know exactly what he’s after, but we now know the lengths that he is willing to go in order to get what he wants. Then we also know now what is going to make the Great Rabbit situation possible, because it was really anyone’s guess as to how they would become an obstacle if there had to be snow or large amounts of mana to draw them to their next food source.

Now at the same time, I wouldn’t blame some viewers if they were beginning to feel a bit frustrated with the direction this season has taken. Obviously those who are reading the manga know where this is going, but for everyone else who is solely watching the anime? It would be tough to wait week after week only to see that not much is actually happening. As I said above, there is plenty that Subaru is learning about this situation, yet at the same time, it is feeling endless. Just when you think that Subaru knows everything he needs to know in order to start making a move, boom, he’s hit with another obstacle ADDED to the situation. Now there’s another enemy to deal with at the mansion, and now there’s legitimately a problem to have with Roswaal.

Let’s not forget the additional twist to this plot where something just isn’t right about the way that Subaru has been returning from death. Up to this point we have been led to believe that there is that one set checkpoint and nothing else. So just about anything could happen after Subaru returned to his checkpoint, but the checkpoint itself was always going to be the same. This was the first time where he was coming back with more than just the memories and feelings which he had before. It was gutwrenching because this was the first time where it seemed like Subaru truly looked powerless. I mean there’s only so much you can do when now you can’t even be sure that you’re going to return to your checkpoint at one-hundred percent health.

Overall, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Taste of Death” is probably going to leave viewers with mixed feelings this time around. There was plenty to like, yet at the same time there was enough to maybe grow frustrated with. Either way, there’s no reason not to see this through to the end. We are all here for the darkness this has swept us into, for better or for worse.

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