The God of High School “Fox/God” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “Fox/God”! And just like that, the The God of High School comes to an end. Well the tournament that is. A familiar development, isn’t it? You have a tournament bringing the strongest fighters together in one place, you steadily approach the end, and then just like that something huge happens which brings the whole thing to an abrupt end.

In the case of The God of High School, this ended up being a whole end of the world situation which really smacks out at the moment where you least expect it. The key was revealed to be Ilpyo, and at that moment the whole direction of the plot shifted towards what it would take for all relevant sides of this conflict to have this key in their possession. From here, they really did just go wild with what it meant for the final battle for the key to commence. You would have thought they would all have simply gunned for Ilypo off the bat, but there was much more going on here. Much that also needed to be unpacked at the same time, for the sake of clarity. Like for example, if there was someone who only watches the anime, this was probably the first time where you could actually recognize the main antagonist of the story. It wasn’t enough for someone to point that out to you, you had to see it for yourself as the story and plot thickened.

This is not to say they weren’t pretty direct about what would happen if Mujin Park couldn’t hold off the leader of NOX’s attack, because that was definitely a scene which gave you the chills. You thought this guy to be so powerful as the NOX leader, and yet there he was playing a defensive game. That is while everyone else was dispersed and taking on the drone army in their own way.

Now with this escalated situation, one had to wonder what role the kids would play in this conflict. They all have potential to do amazing things, but most of them are nowhere near the level of the adults who have years upon years of experience over them. I honestly had my concerns over how they would balance out the screentime for everyone without taking away from what is most important. So with that said, I was satisfied with the part which Ilpyo, Mori, and company played from this point forward. While the adults fought, there was still the matter of Ilpyo having the key, and Taek Jegal being the type of problem person who would kill and maim anyone who got in his way.

It didn’t hurt that they also found room to tell Taek Jegal’s story inbetween all of this, though I wouldn’t say they did quite enough to sell you on him as someone you would invest in. You get it, in a world full of ‘losers’, he feels like he’s the winner, and does/gets whatever he wants because of it. There was nothing more or less to it. Some might say it was rushed, and I for one couldn’t argue with that observation since there was a lot going on in this episode.

While they didn’t make such a big deal about it, I did like getting a taste of Daewi’s borrowed power. I wasn’t expecting one of the powers this allowed him, though it made sense considering the kind of person he is, and what he was fighting for initially when he first participated in The God of High School.

I was definitely shocked when things even escalated to a point where we were seeing what happens when other parties see this madness unfolding and decide it’s something they can’t allow to continue to unfold. Twists like this I like, because there are too many stories where something is happening in one specific place which could spell the end of the world, and it makes no sense that there aren’t others who take notice and decide to do something themselves. I mean, wouldn’t you make an attempt to stamp out a situation before it led to everyone’s doom?

In the end, The God of High School “Fox/God” really put the work into setting up for the big boss battle. A bit rushed, but they didn’t miss the mark in showing us what this was all leading to.

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