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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Juggernaut #1! For anyone who has been looking forward to something new from these X-Men books, then Juggernaut #1 was the book to look forward to. Not only because it has been a good while since anyone has seen the Juggernaut in action, but because his situation is unique for someone tied to the mutant world. I mean what is the world like for someone tied to the mutants, but not a mutant, and neither able to enter the paradise that everyone else is enjoying?

Though before we get into all that, there’s the Juggernaut that we’re dealing with now. That’s where the real questions begin, because it’s not as if the Juggernaut has always been on the side of the angels. So color me intrigued when the selling point of this book is that Cain Marko is done letting others pick up the pieces of the things he’s destroyed. That was something which we clearly had to see for ourselves. From the start of this issue that was exactly what we saw. Back with his powers and doing some good with them this time around. They even took things a step further to show that his motivations are different now. That said, his characterization was also more approachable. While it is good to see that change in Cain through his action, it also matters to see that through his attitude too.

What most should appreciate is that despite where we are now with the Juggernaut, this didn’t mean that there wasn’t something to understand about what happened back then. As in what happened when Cain was stripped of his power by Magik. It would have to take some effort on his part to get hat power back. Especially since Colossus didn’t take that power too long before given back up. The good thing is that by the end of the issue, the creative team for this book gave us just enough information to want to come back for more. That is always the effect you want to leave on readers who have many questions for the character the story is centered on. Where has he been? How did he get his powers back? Is there anything new aside from the costume? Weaknesses? Inquiring minds must know!

The only thing which might disappoint you is the lack of context to where the Juggernaut fits into a world where the mutants live in paradise, while he is cleaning up messes. Though one could argue that maybe this could be the start of him existing on his own.

Off the bat, I loved he change to Juggernaut’s attire. I think this has been a long time coming if you ask me. It’s not often that you will see someone who’s main color scheme is brown, but at some point, you can easily do more with it. Even it is just the red markings running through his attire, that is a big change to give you a lot more to look at than before. It was even cool to see the effect that his power has on his eyes, because the red glow makes him look scarier, not to mention more empowered. I should also mention that it mattered seeing that his helmet was something which could reassemble and disassemble. You would think that’s a small thing, but visually it looks more appealing than lifting that bulky mass off of his head. With that said, the pencil work was great as a whole. As for the colors, I thought it was interesting to go for a darker range of colors, but it worked for the kind of story told. Particularly since the setting was in an area where not many people live. It also worked because of the way that the lack of light allowed the red markings on Juggernaut to really stand out. The same goes for other elements powered. There is one new character introduced in this first issue, and her powers looked awesome just for the colors which gave them umph.

They didn’t lie, this was a new bold new direction for the Juggernaut. So far I am sold for a story which takes all the right steps to redefine the Juggernaut in a world which tends to see him as a force for destruction.

Juggernaut #1




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