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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #9! I was NOT ready for this issue of Suicide Squad. It killed me when Tom Taylor first broke the news to us that Deadshot would be meeting his end in this run.Not just because this was a moment which was going to inevitably happen, but because we knew the exact issue he was going to die, and that Tom Taylor is not the kind of writer to say this and not back it up. Though with all things these days, it was important to keep in mind that what matters most is how you kill off a character like Deadshot.

Now I would say that what I loved most about this issue was that despite us being put in a position where we couldn’t help brace for Deadshot’s death, they made this business as usual from the jump. I thought that this was very important considering it shows that this creative team wasn’t trying to capitalize off of the hype that someone is going to die. What came next was the next thing that this group needed to do in order to get to Ted Kord. It was the kind of work that you wanted to see from the Revolutionaires in particular. Even if they aren’t villains, they are still the kind of people who know how to do the same things the Suicide Squad can, minus the killing. For them it can be just as fun of an experience, as well as action-packed.

Which brings us to the focus on Deadshot. It meant something that at the end of the day this came down to a moment which Harley and Deadshot could share together. Deadshot may have been there from the beginning, but along with Harley Quinn you won’t find two who have been on that roster longer. Even the conversation these two were able to have with each other was endearing because both have come to a point where they are more than just the killers sent to execute enemies of the government. They understand what they are, what more they want from the life they’re living, and that there’s some things to value through the madness they have endured being a part of Task Force X. That said, let’s talk about the death of Deadshot, since that’s what we were here for. They did leave us with some idea as to why Deadshot might die, though I appreciated that the idea of what would happen was because of a choice that was in his court. The build-up to that moment was also executed perfectly for the fact that from start to finish we were seeing the best version of Deadshot this story could offer.

And that actual moment itself? It was a classic Tom Taylor moment because it didn’t matter that we knew that Deadshot was going to die, or the reason that he might die. It was every other detail which mattered most. As in the kind of force Deadshot and company would be met with. Not to mention what kind of surprise they might run into which no one could have been prepared for. I was impressed with the fact that what happened here was nothing which you could have predicted. That was where the impact hit you most.

What made a big difference here has always been the quality of the interior artwork, and for this issue that was no exception. The work from this art team blew me away and sold me on every moment because not once did they fail to make this look fun, and engage us from start to finish. Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas were made for stories like this for the fact that together they know how to breathe life into the characters and the world around them. Between the detailed pencil work and the bold colors, visually there was no reason for you not to take in every detail of each scene. Personally I was drawn-in by the expressiveness of the characters. Redondo really knows how to capture the fun in these characters, and them just doing what they do best. This goes for the Revolutionaries too who even for a mission like this were in their element.

And just like that, this creative team broke the one rule of Suicide Squad that we hold sacred. Issue #9 went there, but made it a moment to remember. Though one death only leads to many more questions about what comes next, because a character like Deadshot as he is now, does not get offed without a proper response to the act.

Suicide Squad #9




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