Fire Force “A Pair of One-Eyes” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “A Pair of One-Eyes”! Things are really starting to heat up for Joker and Benimaru. You expect a lot of things from this series, but you never expected how far these two would go in order to find the answers the Temple has been keeping from the people manipulated under their thumb. Benimaru in particular who is Captain of a company. Can you really get off the hook for something like this? Either way, the excitement this week is for what happens when someone powerful comes to stop these two in their tracks.

Now what came next hit hard, because surely enough the expectation here was that there would be some big battle which exploded between these three power players. Though at the same time it was hard to argue with what happened instead. If there’s one thing we do know about the 1st Captain, it is that he hasn’t given anyone a reason to question where his loyalties lie. That said, you still had to question where those loyalties lie. The answer to that was satisfying, though only after they decided to explain just how it is that both he and Joker ended up with the loss of an eye. Well, that and how it is that the loss of both eyes connect to having an Adolla Link. It was all very enlightening and created a new sense of importance to the investigation that was already underway. That is if you would call this invasion of the Sol Temple an investigation. The many injured and dead body might say otherwise.

Either way, let’s get back to why this was so informative. That was because through this encounter we discovered that there are more out there who are all seeking answers. Some just doing it better like Burns who made use of his position as a Captain. I was shocked to see what the pursuit of truth looked like to him, yet impressed at the same time. Now we are seeing that there are more eyes open to the lies than we originally thought. The best takeaway from this scene was the continued role which Joker and Benimaru are able to play. Even after the chaos they stirred in the Temple. One would think that their games ended their, but that would be too simple. Especially when the resistance alone spoke volumes to secrets which were obviously being kept from the public.

That said, one did have to wonder what significance would come from giving Company 8 screentime this week. For the sake of pacing they made the smart choice in keeping the 8th up to date on what has been unfolding around them. At the same time it made a big difference to show that they are central enough to this investigation that others would take initiative to share information with them that would progress their efforts. Though the important thing was what they would do with what they have now learned. Despite what answers Joker and Benimaru were able to dig up on their own, this is the 8th’s investigation overall. Without this lead that they had been given, their progress would have ended with being told that they couldn’t speak further on anything which they discovered in the Chinese Peninsula. Now next week and the weeks to follow set them on a new path, and into territory which neither they or us have had the opportunity to explore yet.

From there we also discovered just what kind of game Licht was ready to play with the information he has now. You would think that someone like him would play things safe considering he doesn’t have powers. Yet that has not been the case with this one. With every bit of progress he makes in his research, you can see that the actions which follow become more bold over time. All leading to the choice he made when it was time to write up his report on what happened in the Chinese Peninsula. It was actually the perfect position to put him in for the fact that we are in season two of Fire Force and still know so little about Haijima Industries. While the part they played in this episode was small, we definitely got the gist of what kind of company they are. Not to mention why they should be investigated next.

Overall, the plot thickened after the events of Fire Force “A Pair of One-Eyes”. It seems that the corruption runs deep in the Tokyo Empire, and those with their eyes open are going to have to turn every stone in order to find the root of the truth.

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