Digimon Adventure “The Battle In Tokyo Against Orochimon” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Battle In Tokyo Against Orochimon” What a twist, am I right? You expect a lot of differences to the original run of this series, but not like what we have seen so far. This adventure has taken these kids to new destinations, threw them in situations more fitting to their strengths, and put them face-to-face with new Digimon enemies. There’s plenty to love about that, even if you are one of those who might not agree with the faster pacing that the story has taken on. As for me, I think the pacing is great, because improving on the story meant cutting a lot of the things which usually milked time.

That said, here we are at the point of discovery where the DigiDestined have come to realize that what they thought was them having a chance to go back home was really just a simulation created by one Eyesmon. The same Eyesmon who after defeated has now digivolved into Orochimon. It made you wonder what it is going to take to defeat this Orochimon if it took all six ultimate Digimon combining their attacks in order to defeat Eyesmon. Now off the bat, Orochimon was an interesting choice as enemy for the DigiDestined. On the surface this didn’t seem like the most formidable enemy, aside from it’s size which was massive compared to the others as ultimate Digimon. Though that easily changed once we could see that the big difference from the start was a significant contrast in firepower that the DigiDestined were not used to. Especially when they had already taken on the Digimon which they thought was the big bad.

Now how the battle progressed was exciting. You knew that they were going to have to overcome some obstacles in order to defeat this one. With Orochimon being the kind of Digimon that it was, these kids were finally facing a real challenge. Even with the size and firepower aside, there was the simple fact that this was the first time where any of them were really feeling like the stakes were real. No just for their world, but for them specifically. This was a Digimon who could make any of them feel like this was going to be the end of the road. There was no better time than now to put them in that position where their resolve was going to be tested. Would this be the time where some of them begin to fall apart? Or would this be the time where they proved that there was some growth from their experience so far? The answer to that was satisfying, because as I have said numerous times, one of the best things that this reboot has going for it is the idea that none of these kids are the walking cliches they once were. Joe isn’t the one to consistently try to run away despite being the oldest, or the one to freak out. Mimi wasn’t too busy worrying about the luxuries she was being denied of. Yamato wasn’t becoming a problem himself for seeing everyone else as in the way.

This specific point in time was chosen well for them all to show that they were ready to step up to the plate as heroes. Which in turn says a lot, because what also used to be very problematic was the idea that everything always had to come down to Yamato and Taichi. We’ve come too far to believe that this has to be the case. Especially during the early stories where everyone is moving at the same level progression. With that said, let’s be honest. We already knew that when the DigiDestined got themselves together, this was going to be a quick fight. Orochimon is a strong Digimon, but it is nothing too special aside from getting many more perks to being a high-level Digimon. What made the last confrontation with Orochimon appealing was seeing that everyone had their part to play. Everyone at their highest levels and getting their piece of Orochimon for a final blow to be delivered.

Aside from this, Koshiro learning that the time of their and the digital worlds have synchronized, as Tokyo is already in its third day of the blackout was a good way to shake things up. This added to the stakes of their battle knowing that was is going on right now is saving their world and loved ones. It was only painful that they continued teasing TK and Kari’s connections, with little takeaway.

In the end, Digimon Adventure “The Battle In Tokyo Against Orochimon” did not disappoint. This was a new experience that continues to make this series a breath of fresh air. Familiar is great, but what will keep us around is everything new too.

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