The God of High School Season Finale “God/God” Review

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School Season Finale “God/God”! To think that here we are already at the season finale for the first season of The God of High School. It feels like this series came and went, because honestly it didn’t even click to me till last week that this was only going to be thirteen episodes. Now I know this series has stirred up some mixed reactions due to the pacing and pay-off from some episodes, but I choose to look at this series from a different perspective. When I look at a tournament anime o action driven anime, I want to be entertained. So far, that is what I have gotten from these twelve episodes. An what I wanted to still see from this season finale.

That said, last week “Fox/God” really put the work into setting up for the big boss battle. It was definitely a bit rushed, but they didn’t miss the mark in showing us what this was all leading to. The tournament is over, they key has been found, and now the wrong person has his hands on it. What comes next? And what came next was pretty exhilarating when the final battle kicked off. They wasted little time jumping into how significantly more powerful Jegal had become than everyone else. It was slightly off-putting that he had so many powers granted to him, but they made up for this all the same by showing how this wouldn’t take away from good old fashion hand-to-hand.

Which brings us to the main attraction for this season finale, and that being the power which was going to finally unlock in Mori. Even as someone who only watches the anime, it didn’t take much to realize exactly what that power would be. A power which involves a staff? We all know that has to be the Monkey King’s power who Mori is tapping into. Between the memories they revealed of the Monkey King, and what Mori could do with that power? I was impressed with how the battle evolved from there. The clashing of these two powers was jaw-dropping and full of impact.

I think what I ended up loving most about this season finale was seeing how they would make this its own from the influences of Dragon Ball and other action anime. In those series, usually things would get pretty predictable around this point. All the supporting characters are either taken out of the fight or proven to be too weak to make much of a difference, while the main character is given a level-up to take the fight to the main antagonist. I found it very important that they put the effort into breaking from that expectation. Did Mori find himself with power which made him more than capable of handling things on his own? Yes, but that would have been all too straightforward.

It was much better that we could see that everything which happened over the course of this first season had meaning to it. We all say that these episodes were rushed, and that there wasn’t enough meaning to everything which unfolded, but is it not important for a main character like Mori to surround himself with people who will have his back? Even through situations like this where they could all lose their lives easily? So, that last stretch of the fight was an absolute thrill because they capitalized on those bonds and progressions in power which everyone experienced.

I should also say that it goes without saying that the fight choreography and soundtrack was on point. These two elements brought everything together and elevated what could have been your average climax for a story like this.

At the very end of he episode, I was very happy to see what kind of set-up they had for the story to continue. I mean, it’s not as if they have revealed whether or not there will be a second season, but it is good to know that they have enough confidence in the longevity of this series to set things in motion for what’s to follow. So we knew where Mori, Mira, and Daewi would go next from here, the fact that they would be continuing their adventures together, the fate of Mori’s grandfather, the future of Ilpyo as guardian of the Key, and much more involving Park Mujin’s greater ambitions.

Now if there’s anything which might disappoint you, it is the role which Mandeok has played as the other antagonist. He was there to stir some trouble with the hunt for the Key, but once the Key was found? His role instantly diminished, and that was that. There was build-up, and then nothing to show for it in the end. Though it is at least good to know in the hopeful second season he is still a character to look out for.

So the big questions is, does the The God of High School season finale meet expectations? For the most part to me it did! The action was memorable, the story wrapped up well, and they managed to give us something to look forward to if there is a future for The God of High School beyond one season.

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