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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Falcon & Winter Soldier #3! When it came to Falcon & Winter Soldier? I was a bit worried about whether or not we would ever see the rest of this story. There was the pandemic which put this book on pause in March, but most of the publishing started picking back up in May. That left another three months where this book was in the void. Though fortunately now this book is back on shelves with the chance to jump back into the action.

Now for the return of Falcon & Winter Soldier, I enjoyed the fact that there was very little to feel the need to catch-up on. Bucky and Sam crossed paths on a similar investigation, which led them to the Natural who handed them their butts, which led them to an epic train scene, which has now led them to the parents of the Natural. Knowing these things it was easy to just jump right into what came next for these two. So what came next was entertaining, and reminded me of the entertainment value as a whole for this book. For two heroes who have been Captain America, you would think that they would be more flattered by the introduction to two superfans.

From there the entertainment only continued with the banter between these two. This alone has made the book worthwhile because there has been nothing not to love about the dynamic these two have. They clash so strongly, yet at the same time work so well together. I found it funny still that these two couldn’t come to an agreement about how to handle their enemies. On one hand you have Sam who just wants to get the job done without getting his hands too dirty, and then on the other hand you have Bucky who has no problem at all racking up a body-count in the process. Butting heads on this and much more reminds you of the same appeal you feel from their movie counterparts too. I don’t know which influenced which, but it is fun to see how being Captain America in the past doesn’t strip you of your individuality.

That said, this book wouldn’t be what it is if there wasn’t some action, and that was a thrill on its own.The art team indulges in scenes like this, and so far it has been worth it every time. They smash faces, they get some one-liners in while they’re at it. Heck, not once was the opportunity missed to show just how rough it is being a H.Y.D.R.A. grunt and pretty much offering yourself to a beatdown.

Beyond this, the twist at the end? I can roll with it. You expected a lot of things from the reveal of this prospective new H.Y.D.R.A. Supreme, but you would not have guessed who this turned out to be all along. I actually feared this was going to be pretty predictable being H.Y.D.R.A., yet that was not the case here.

As I said above, the art team must be having the time of their lives with a book like this. Not a lie did they tell that this is an action-packed book, and this was clearly an art team which was in their comfortzone delivering on that action. Now as I’ve mentioned before, the best thing about this art team is the fact that the strokes are clean, the colors are bold, and everything is just in your face. You believe the intensity of the action, and you are convinced with the emotional roller coaster this puts Bucky and Sam on. And specifically you would need that quality in pencils if you were creating the kind of scene that this issue started off with. It’s one thing to say that someone is a superfan of a certain hero, but it is another thing to genuinely create that image of it. The replicas, suits, souvenirs, etc., it matters to be able to put all of that in one space visibly. I would also disappoint myself if I did not address the priceless expressions and reactions from Bucky and Sam which made most of the entertaining scenes. Credit where it is due for the humor you get from them just being so unprepared for a lot that they are experiencing on this mission.

All in all, it is good to have Falcon & Winter Soldier back on shelves. The satisfaction I felt from issue #3 more than made up the wait they made us endure since March. Hopefully this is the start of this book returning to a proper release schedule again.

Falcon & Winter Soldier #3




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