Black Clover “Rescue” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 145, “Rescue”! Now if you haven’t seen a review for Black Clover from me in some weeks? It was because I quickly began to fall out of love with this story. I did say that this was good at first, but that was the idea of it. The execution of this idea was a different story as the weeks went by. For as much as this was a story that needed to be told post-Eye of the Midnight Sun attack, there were one too many things difficult to overlook that didn’t work.

The first thing was unfortunately still a problem this week. At the end of the day, these are some weak as hell magic users. You have a majority of the squads having a hand in rescuing Marie and Nero, and they are having this much of a hard time taking on people whose magic is support-based at best? The concern that they consistently tried to bring up about the use of drugs didn’t make sense either. You can throw as much smoke, gas, and what not at a magic knight, but any one of them with enough power backing their spells should be able to blow through that nonsense. I mean, I almost lost my **** when Yuno of all people had one pulled over his head. As someone who uses wind magic, that should not be possible. And even if you turn invisible, it should take nothing to hit the whole surrounding area with enough wind to sweep up what can’t be seen. I could go on, but you get the point. These Devil Banishers were pretty much wearing plot armor and had no right to.

This brings us to where things did manage to turn around for this story. And that came with the revelation of what the Devil Banishers were really after. This was a great development because it certainly makes more sense that these people would begin to crave power which would allow them to defend themselves. Up to this point I just couldn’t get with the idea that they were really that hungry for justice to put the wrong people in danger, or threaten the life of someone who actually did his best to protect the kingdom. Even if they got their justice? There’s no way that this would go on without attracting the wrong kind of attention from the capitol. So with that said, the idea that they would shift their extremes to having the powers of a devil for themselves was much easier to digest.

Having that in mind, there might be some out there who will say that we should have been patient to see where this was going. Though I would also say that this doesn’t change many of the things which were still glaringly wrong with this story. This doesn’t change the plot armor, the execution, or the decline of appeal which this story took on after that first episode. Any of these things could still remain a problem next week or the episodes to follow.

One good takeaway from this episode was seeing Damnatio understand that his views can be problematic when taken to these extremes. it’s one thing to have a problem with Asta whose powers are actually tied to a Devil, but it is another thing entirely to jeopardize the lives of others who who were either possessed or simply fiddled with forbidden magic. Knocking this guy down a peg or two is always something worth seeing.

Overall, Black Clover “Rescue” is another episode that will leave you with some mixed feelings, but at the very least there might be a reason to see this through to the end. Sometimes all it takes is that one key twist.

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