Digimon Adventure “Countdown to Tokyo’s Annihilation” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Countdown to Tokyo’s Annihilation”! This is definitely shaping up to be a rare experience for the DigiDestined in this series. Being able to fight for the fate of their world this early in their story? Not to mention the opportunity to be aware of what’s going on in the outside world? It gives you a lot to look forward to right now with the stakes so great in the first arc.

That said, this stage in the story is probably where you would begin running into problems. Namely because of the way they had gone about ramping up this situation. We are still fairly early in this story, and already these DigiDestined have already achieved their ultimate evolutions. So it is safe to say that the main enemy they faced here was one which represented that level of opposition. It didn’t take long to see that they had other plans here, and I was good with them up to a point. That being the way that this Digimon was linked to the damage caused to Tokyo. That much I will give credit to since this has been the most refreshing part of this experience. As I said before, never before have DigiDestined had to directly save their world so early in their adventure. What started out as Eyemon was a unique creation which actually made use of the Digital World parallels the real world to the extent that just stealing data and energy from the real world equates to a crazy amount of power on the other side.

This brings us to the countdown to Tokyo’s annihilation. That much I did also find believable. It didn’t take too much explanation to understand just how this Digimon (Nidhoggmon)was going to bring about the end of Tokyo if not stopped before the clock hit zero. This is not to say that we haven’t seen our fair share of Digimon who can affect the real world like this, but this is the first one which was powerful enough to draw out the kind of power it offered. Especially to the extent where that power can be turned into a weapon.

Now there was one thing that was concerning me about this story ever since it became clear that the danger was not going to stop with Eyemon. It took that one evolution from there, and then seeing that the clock didn’t stop with Orochimon to see that they were trying to take this threat to a new level. Some would say that this is good considering you need something beyond ultimate to challenge these kids. However, wasn’t the whole point of their journey to this point to get to ultimate? It felt like they all just went through a lot of something for nothing in return at the end of the day. Personally I was hoping that they would push this idea that even at their current heights, these Digimon can still push past their limits to achieve greater powers. Instead, they decided that this needed to be another opportunity to call upon Omegamon.

I was a bit disappointed by the activation of Kari and TK. First off, I wouldn’t technically call it an activation as some others have called it. Did they somewhat receive their call to action? Yes, but right now it’s all just a tease. If these two are supposed to become DigiDestined, which obviously they are, there shouldn’t be so much need for them to consistently just take up screentime just to signify. Give them an egg, given them a digivice, but do something more than have them staring at the distance. I’m also sure that it was them who helped Augumon and Gabumon digivolve into Omegamon. However, even that was problematic as I explained above.

Overall, Digimon Adventure “Countdown to Tokyo’s Annihilation” left me with some mixed feelings. Unfortunately I saw more problems than I would have liked. Though the good thing is that we are finally able to put this story behind us, even if there wasn’t much takeaway from its conclusion.

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