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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DCeased: Dead Planet #4! As with all stories about surviving the undead, there’s always a time when the time for talk has passed. Leaving nothing but what you do to take action. The heroes know that there is a way to beat the Anti-Life Equation, and they know where to go in order to unlock the key. All that remained was setting this plan in motion which could either go right, or horribly wrong. Especially when it involves an off-planet heist in of New Genesis.

Knowing this, it was good to see that we could flip to the first page and jump right into this boldness. Credit where it is due for a scene which took advantage of the kind of plan that can be put together with three of the best detectives available. They ran through the details, the possibilities, and the risks. From there they found just the right people to tag along. That said, it was welcomed that we could see how Canary and Ollie were doing on the outside. With so much going on, it was easy to forget that she was just sitting out there keeping him safe. Just about anything could have happened and the last thing you would have ever wanted was someone with her powerset now unliving.

Now the journey to New Genesis was interesting. Upon the arrival there, a fair amount of time was spent seeing how Scott and the other heroes would be welcomed. Scott specifically for the way that he left, and for who he brought with him. There might be some out there who will question the importance of the time spent on Scott’s story. Though I found appreciation in something that wasn’t doom and gloom. There’s always time for fighting for your lives or moments of drama. But you have to take comfort in the scenes which are sincere more than anything else. Plus, not everyone you can assume is a big fan of Scott and the other New Gods. This might be a new experience or a chance to see these characters in a different light. I know I did, and it only added to the significance of what needs to happen here.

This brings us to the heist itself, because that’s what we’re all here for. This part shocked me for a completely different reason than what I initially expected. It was expected that this was going to be something easier said than done. It was also expected that this was going to require some thinking outside of the box to accomplish. However, you couldn’t have prepared for what was unleashed at the end of this. Once again Tom Taylor worked his magic with one banger of a reveal that you didn’t see coming. The hard reality of this story is that it doesn’t matter if you have the key, the answer, or the means. You still have to be able to get the job done. What was unleashed at the end of this issue? That just changed the game drastically.

Aside from this, there were small moments here and there that you will find yourself enjoying for the fact that this creative team doesn’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to these characters. Their relationships, heights to their powers, you name it and this is the kind of book that doesn’t fear challenging what you thought you knew about some of these heroes. Especially when the conditions of this universe can change them in unexpected ways.

The interior work was solid. As an issue that focused more on character engagement and moments, most of what you were taking from this was the emotional elements. This part right here would of course worry you to some extent just because Hairsine isn’t the kind of artist who captures emotion the way you would picture it for a story like this. His pencils are rough, which tends to be more fitting for action. So it made a difference seeing some of those sincere moments and for the most part believe what these heroes are experiencing. Now there was some action of course, and that did not disappoint either. Honestly there is nothing more terrifying about a heist than realizing the difference in size and power shared between these heroes and one God. The boldness of the colors, and the distinct backdrop of space which Beredo was able to create did wonders for bringing it all together.

All in all, DCeased: Dead Planet #4 was a big one. This was a heist which will go down in history for New Genesis, but as I said above, not for the reasons you braced for! To call what was unleashed at the end a new horror is quite the understatement.

DCeased: Dead Planet #4




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