Review: Far Sector #8

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Far Sector #8! not going to lie, it broke my heart realizing that we would actually be waiting another two months for the next issue of Far Sector. Here I thought we were getting back to something regular, and then just like that they had us waiting once more when all we really want to do is jump back into this conspiracy unfolding.  As I said before, this has been excitement on many levels because inserting herself into the AI world was definitely an unexpected twist.

Now as with most issues of Far Sector, the intro is still welcomed as something which allows everyone to move forward with the same understanding of what has happened up to said point. For this issue? That means everything which has led Jo to where she is now fighting in the digital world.

That said, jumping back into Jo’s mission in Atville, I was also still impressed with the uniqueness of the @t’s world. As I said with the previous issue, you could tell that Campbell was having the time of his life being able to work with no limitations to what is seen visually in the network. Between the different forms the @t can take, especially in action, and the things Jo can even do? Let’s not even forget another fashion forward choice of attire from Jo as seen throughout this adventure. It was a stunning scene that you didn’t want to see the end of. I mean creativity aside, there was also the page layout and overall presentation that added a whole level of appeal to what we were seeing unfold. The best thing about it all was not feeling distracted by the word bubbles getting lost overtop of bright backdrops.

Visual beauty aside, let’s talk about the @t, because all in all this was the first time where we were seeing a problem from them. Up to this point it has been the other physical races who were at war with each other. For them the problem was clear. However, now you have some of these @t who are involving themselves in matters which require them to get their hands dirty for someone else. It makes you wonder just who are the bad guys here. I mean, we know some of them, but even then there is a bigger game being played in the background. Till then it was interesting seeing how Jo interacted with the guilty party. Mainly for the fact that this was one of those unique situations where you saw her angry enough to show the side of her that was exposed to corruption on Earth. It’s a small moment, yet one to acknowledge since we are continuing to understand the kind of law enforcer she was and didn’t want to be, versus the kind that she wants to be now. Even when the inhabitants of City Enduring are trying her patience.

And speaking of trying Jo’s patience, it was also a point of interest to jump back into Enduring’s world of politics. I particularly enjoyed the conversation which followed for the relatability to politics we are familiar with. No matter where you turn, there will always be some creative way for dancing around extremes. City Enduring is no different under these circumstances, and it said a lot to see Jo struggle to make room for this in her head. Especially for someone who is trying to do her job the right way. Without all these games which dance on the line. Now at the same time, the best takeaway from this chapter was definitely getting to a point where Jo is more direct about the way all of this makes her feel. The challenge of her investigation, everyone else being obstacles, condescending not to mention dismissive of her help. There is only so much of that you will take as a black woman who thought you were escaping all of that nonsense back home.

Overall, Far Sector #8 did not let us down for showing us exactly why Jo would be disgusted to realize she’s facing the same kind of bureaucracy nonsense she has experienced back home on Earth.

Far Sector #8




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