Review: The Orville #2: Launch Day (Part 2 of 2)

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Orville #2: Launch Day (Part 2 of 2)! Just another mission for the crew of the Orville where they discover that there’s much more to what they got themselves into than what they’re seeing on the surface. What started out as worrying about the Krill, didn’t take long at all to evolve into worrying about whether or not the planet Alibar planing to launch a weapon. And even then the Krill are still a problem. Like I said, it was just another day.

From the start of this second part to the story, the story kicked into another gear. The clock is ticking when this is Launch Day, and both Ed and Kelly are struggling to make progress in their investigation. I actually found myself feeling anxious considering how much could have gone wrong trying to ask the right questions. Would they begin to raise some eyebrows? Would they get more than they bargained for? Or would they just get nothing and find themselves too late? It was anyone’s guess and something just didn’t seem right. Now when the reveal hit? I was impressed with what the space station actually turned out to be. It could have quite easily been what everyone assumed it was and it could have just as easily brought about the worst case scenario for everyone tangled in this mess. Though the true purpose was one which could only bring about one end. That much was assured, and was the smart move considering stories like this are only two issues long.

Which brings us to Gordon and John’s mission to discover the purpose of this moon-sized space station. This I enjoyed just for the fact that these two have such a great dynamic together. Not to mention at this stage in the story for The Orville, John is at that point where he is more comfortable in being the smart guy. He had the knowledge, and Gordon had the skill required to get them to the station and docked.

Now when it came to the Krill, I can’t say that I’m too surprise by the way things unfolding with them. From the minute the Union had to work with them on this mission, I think we all knew that they would not be able to handle refraining from interference. They really did nothing you wouldn’t haven expected from them. And that wasn’t a problem at all. Especially for where their actions landing them when everything was said and done. What also made things interesting here was seeing what Bortus brings to the table on the bridge and facing a standoff with the Krill. We already know that Bortus is not Ed, and this was the time to draw that line in the sand between the two. I liked the fact that unlike Ed, Bortus is the kind of person who is more aggressive and direct about his intentions. If the Krill were going to step out of line? It was expected that Bortus would respond in kind. His response in general was perfect characterization.

Once more the artwork for The Orville was stunning. I know I said I was impressed with their likeness before, but even with this issue it felt like there was an improvement to the quality in the way these characters were drawn. To be specific, the impression I was given was that there was a greater easiness to capturing these characters on paper, proportions, expressions and all. That said, the creativity in the way the people of Alibar were drawn was something to take notice of too. You could say there wasn’t anything too unique about them, but in most cases a little goes a long way. The light-blue skin and the fin ears were very distinguishing in their own way. Aside from this, the cosmic elements did not fail to satisfy too. Specifically when it came to the color work which made those things pop whether it was the backdrop of space, or other technological advancements.

With the conclusion of The Orville #2: Launch Day (Part 2 of 2), the first story of season 2.5 comes to a close. Still I must say that I love what this comic has to offer. Still self-contained stories, everything you love about The Orville, and doing more with what the medium allows.

The Orville #2: Launch Day (Part 2 of 2)




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