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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Thor #8! The story which so boldly dares to once again challenge the worthiness of Thor. Though before we get into that, there is of course an important matter at hand when Thor decides Bronxton should be the site of his experiment to see just how light his hammer has become. All jokes with Iron Man aside, he certainly got his answer.

Let’s start with the opening scene for this issue. This grabbed my attention because you could see that there are some things which Cates seems to be trying to keep consistent about Thor’s story. Mainly that at the end of the day, all of this is a story. One which can be found in a book. Though at the same time there are stories that you won’t find in a book either. A lot of what has happened in this run so far isn’t what you would have expected, but there was a part of Thor’s history where they said he goes through a lot of changes before reaching that end of everything version of himself. So what I’m saying is, it is bold how this story is taking advantage of much of that open space to just go wild.

Though wild right now is creating a story where Mjolnir is growing heavier for Thor, but lighter for just about anyone else to carry. Even if they aren’t worthy. Where this issue picked up was the chaos which quickly stirred once one Adam Aziz picked up the hammer to find himself transformed into an Asgardian. As I said before, I loved his character design in costume. It was fitting for him being who he is, and for having the power of Thor. From there it was humorous because obviously Tony was not going to be okay with anything happening right now. Thor gave his number to locals, he has news media invading his personal space, and now there’s some random guy holding the hammer and wielding the power of a god. His reaction and response to all of this was definitely on brand. Especially when Thor finally made his entrance to explain himself.

Now I also found this issue to be very moving for the fact that Thor is finding himself given advice from the most unlikeliest of sources. I say unlikeliest, though at the same time just about any advice right now is probably worth hearing for Thor. It mattered putting him in a position where people are able to see past the god to see someone who needs to figure some things out. From Adam in particular I enjoyed his piece of advice, as well as the sense of wonder he gave to having the power of Thor. It’s not often that we will get to see this. You could say Jane Foster offered this to us in the past. However, Jane was still fairly used to Thor’s world. This is someone who has never had that kind of freedom introduced to his life.

For this last issue to the story, Aaron Kuder still did a wonder job as the guest artist. Part of me expected there to be some action from this issue, but I was also okay with there just being a lot of conversing between characters. That is where you can see that an artist is actually comfortable with what it looks like to draw characters engagingly. Whether it was the sarcastic humor of Stark, the series of reactions from Adam Aziz, or the seriousness from Thor, consistently you understood the importance of everything which Thor had set into motion. One thing that I did admire more than anything else was the scene where we were seeing just how intimidating Thor could be even without his hammer. That look of omnipotence, accompanied by the skies filled with lightning. Color me impressed that Matt Wilson didn’t take the opportunity to go too wild, like you know he is capable of. His colors were quite tame, and that was probably for the best considering how down to Earth this story was.

All in all, this was a story worth telling through Thor #7 and 8. It didn’t hurt one bit to ask what it meant for Thor if the hammer was getting heavier for him. And it didn’t hurt to show what it looks like when someone else is able to pick up his hammer with ease.

Thor #8




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