Fire Force “A Three-Way Melee” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “A Three-Way Melee”! Sounds ominous doesn’t it? Like how are we going to go from a small skirmish to a three-way melee? And involving who? Big questions which lead us to believe that big things are coming Haijima’s way!

Now this week’s episode took me by surprise. If there was one thing the new opener told us about this new arc, it was that somehow this was going to lead to another confrontation with the White Clad. Though what you didn’t expect from this episode was for that to really happen so soon after Shinra and Licht just got there. I mean Shinra’s fight with Kurono didn’t even come to an end yet, and then just like that all hell had already broken loose over the activation of the Sixth Pillar. There will be some viewers out there who will see this as them rushing, but I personally would just call it great pacing. The honest truth was that we already learned most of what we needed to know about Haijima already. They put these kids through hell, they treat them like things, and the people who work here are less than humane. Just knowing these things was more than enough to make a move, regardless of what came next.

That said, I wasn’t too shocked by the fact that it was Nataku who turned out to be the Sixth Pillar. Though it was still hard not to be shocked by how quickly he would find himself activated. I was even shocked by how his powers seemed to go through some changes after activation too. I don’t know where that is going to lead, but it does add more mystique to what it means to be a pillar.

Which brings us to the main attraction for this episode, and that was seeing this three-way dance unfold between the 8th, Haijima, and the White Clad. I don’t think we have ever run into a more divisive battle, and it says a lot about the current landscape of this world. The idea that there could really be more than two parties involved with the claiming of the pillars? If you weren’t already questioning the conspiracies working behind the scenes, this was the biggest red flag you could ask for. With that said, it was also cool to see just who would be pitted against who under these circumstances. Some were fitting to face off, while some others are yet to be seen for how the battles will play out.

It also goes without saying that it was welcomed to see what changes the White Clad would go through having the Fifth Pillar on their side. Their dynamic was certainly shaken up. Not to mention the way that they interact with one another. They definitely made us believe that they had some time between two arcs ago and now to adjust to a new system.

This just leaves us with the first battle of the three-way dance to address. That didn’t disappoint as we finally had our opportunity to see Maki in battle again. Though this time around she had Vulcan by her side. I gotta say, ever since she got her new weapon, everything about the way she fights has changed. Though I would say for the better considering how these things match her brute strength and firepower as a second generation.The two of them went above and beyond facing off against someone who really did have their number. This was probably the first time where we were seeing how resources alone can turn the tides of a battle.

All in all, Fire Force “A Three-Way Melee” thrived in the chaos of crap hitting the fan faster than you imagined it would. The 8th did their digging, ruffled some feathers, and just as quickly as they did that did they create the circumstances for the next big battle to implode.

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