Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? “Monster (One Wing)” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? “Monster (One Wing)”! First off, today I actually shocked myself because this was a series I was looking froward to more of, and yet here it was being the second episode of the third season and somehow I missed when it debuted last week. Not the best fan, though still I was excited to jump into what came next for the Hestia Familia.

It definitely took me by surprise that this first arc would center around the question of the possibility of humans and monsters co-existing. After the events of the first two seasons, I certainly was not prepared for this being the next big thing. I didn’t even think that it was that much of a thing for someone to have relations with a monster. Though I suppose that is what makes this such a good story to create. For everything that we know of this world, we just don’t know enough about the world of monsters. As far as any of us knew who just watch the anime, monsters were just a thing which existed for adventurers to defeat. It is within the realm of reason that there could come a point where someone would run into a monster with intellect. That a God is actually the reason for this development is actually better. It only adds to the fact that the Gods have plans for this world which are beyond their understanding.

Since the first episode, they wasted little time showing what could come of the Hestia Familia taking in Wiene. To be honest, I found hat everything which came after was a breath of fresh air. There’s only so long that you can push this thing with Bell being loved by everyone. At a point, you get it. With Wiene around, this gave everyone else some room to connect with someone different. Wiene may be a monster, but there was much more to that look of innocence that she has. Not to mention the sense of wonder that comes with everything that is a new experience to Wiene.

Which brings us to Bell specifically, because being introduced to Bell did change things dramatically for him this week. It’s one thing to run into this monster with intelligence and refrain from doing what all adventurers do. It’s another thing to let this monster make enough room in your head to make you question killing monsters in general. I don’t know where this is going to lead to, but it does make you anxious for Bell’s future as an adventurer. They might be trying to push that soft-heartedness of Bell to its limits. And that could go right or very wrong depending on the execution. Right now it seems as if there’s a long-term plan in mind. Though only time will tell.

That said, I actually admired the way Lili was written for this situation. There had to be someone who saw where things could go wrong, and it made sense that it would be Lili who argued against the idea of taking in a monster. And this isn’t to say that Lili is right or wrong, but it makes a big difference to have both sides to this argument. The same one that she made, was the same that we could expect for anyone else who struggled with the idea of putting their trust in a monster. Even if they have the sudden ability to think and speak coherently. Truthfully I was taken back by the fact that it wasn’t Hestia being more vocal about this. As the Goddess and the one with the most to lose, it said a lot that she was willing to risk everything to shelter a monster. Now by the end of the episode we were able to see how everyone else in this world genuinely feels about relations with monsters. Having that example cemented the hard truth that it would take some effort or a miracle to change this mindset.

Aside from this, I enjoyed the tease they have been hitting us with of the person responsible for the intelligent monsters. I don’t know who this Ouranos is, but this character so far does give you the impression that they will be a major player down the road.

Overall, it is good to have Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? back. With this third season we journey into uncharted territory with monsters. These first two episodes right now have convinced me that this is a story we should want to see through to the end. You can’t turn back from deciding that adventurers should question if the thing they spend most of their time killing, is something they can co-exist with.

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