Acclaimed Homage to Roleplaying Hits It Big on Amazon Prime



Third season in the works

LARPs, a multi-award-winning Canadian series about live-action roleplaying (LARPing), has a new home on Amazon Prime. With the expanded audience of Prime, as well as a new partnership with The Fantasy Network, Montreal’s Beanduck Productions announces plans for a long-awaited third season. Honestly, you don’t know how exciting this has been. This was a small web series which you never expected to blow up the way it did. Consistently building up an audience, not to mention kept finding homes with more exposure. This is a series which deserves the chance at making a season three possible.

LARPs counts itself proudly among the original Canadian content available on Prime Video, and one of the few shows on the platform that deals with geek subject matter in a funny and heartwarming way.  The series has been praised by both LARPers and non-LARPers alike since its launch in 2014. Unlike many depictions of roleplaying in media, LARPs sought to authentically and accessibly represent the hobby.

“LARPs isn’t just about roleplaying. It’s about a group of friends and how they navigate real life and real relationships, even as they play together,” says Jon Verrall, the writer and co-creator. “We set out to tell a story people could relate to, whether they’re gamers or not. We hope a new audience discovers LARPs through Prime and comes to love it as much as we do.”

Amber Goldfarb as Kat | Photo: Jon Woods

LARPs partners with The Fantasy Network

The Fantasy Network (TFN), a fan-supported channel for fantasy television and films, teamed up with the LARPs producers to further expand their audience and get the show on Prime. In the years since 2014, roleplaying has become much more mainstream. Shows like Critical Role create high-quality content that reveres, rather than reviles, gaming.

“Alongside The Fantasy Network, we’re excited to bring independent geek content to a mainstream platform like Prime. Partnering with them is not only the perfect fit creatively, but socially as well,” says Julian Stamboulieh, the series’ director and co-creator. The Fantasy Network’s focus on community building and fan engagement makes it well suited to the series. TFN’s Ben Dobyns says, “From our inception as a community-owned platform, The Fantasy Network has directed our efforts toward supporting and uplifting shows from science fiction/fantasy producers around the world. We’re thrilled to help LARPs promote, crowdfund, and distribute their third season!”

Scott Humphrey as Will | Photo: Julian Stamboulieh

New season, new setting

Demand for a continuation of the LARPs story has the team working harder than ever to make Season 3 happen. They have teased a sleek, futuristic setting for the show’s in-game LARP, as well as the return of beloved characters from the first two seasons. The creators hope that reaching a new audience through Amazon Prime will generate enough fan support that they can proceed with their planned crowdfunding campaign in early 2021.


LARPs is a comedy series that explores how the imagination of play affects reality—and vice versa. Taking down bad guys, shooting your friends, and exploring romance are completely normal during a live-action roleplaying game, but these six friends learn that they can’t keep their real lives and their play entirely separate. The show is produced by Beanduck Productions, written by Jon Verrall and directed by Julian Stamboulieh. In addition to Verrall, it stars Amber Goldfarb (Assassin’s Creed), Scott Humphrey (The Outer Worlds), Elizabeth Neale (Slaxx), Charlotte Rogers (Far Cry 5), and Jonathan Silver (The Outer Worlds). Felicia Day (The Guild) was an Executive Producer on Season 2.

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