Black Clover “Clash! The Battle of the Magic Knights Squad Captains” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 151, “Clash! The Battle of the Magic Knights Squad Captains”! I know it has been some time since my last review of just about anything, but I felt like I had to swing around to say something about this week’s episode of Black Clover. This one was noteworthy for many reasons, and for the first time in a long while let us forget that we were in a period of filler.

Actually, to even say it was noteworthy feels like I am doing this episode a disservice. When it comes to Black Clover, one of the best things it has going for it as a Shōnen is the fact that it delivers on the action. Since the filler period began, that was the one thing we weren’t really seeing from this series. At the start things were okay, but it didn’t take long before we fell into a chain of episodes to follow where things slowed down, and the stories weren’t as exciting. Though with this week right here? It was a thrill that they decided to begin taking the Devil training more seriously with a 4v4 battle between the Magic Knight squad captains. We’ve seen what some of these captains are capable of already, but this didn’t change the fact that not many scenarios were straightforward battles like this. I believe that is where you truly see what someone is capable of. Not just for their power, but for what they can do with it when forced into challenging situations.

Which brings us to the battle itself. They wasted little time setting up for it, and allowed this episode to be action-packed from start to finish. It was an interesting choice that they would decide the theme of the battle would be something familiar like protecting the crystal, though it was definitely for the best considering there is never a wrong time to stress the importance of objectives. Now what made the biggest difference here was how they were split into teams, and how they squared up to challenge one another. The right captains were on the attack, and the right captains stood back to protect their crystal. The one thing we all surely appreciated most was seeing all of the Captains in action who you don’t see enough of. For instance, seeing Dorthy and Kaizer showing their mettle was nothing to overlook. Both were powerful, and carried a presence with their personalities. When it came to Yami and Jack, those two of course stole the spotlight just for their killer drives. As for those like Fuegoleon and Nozel, it didn’t go unnoticed seeing the two of them surpass their limits in their own way.

How it ended? You got no arguments for me. It was a bit absurd, yet at the same time it felt on brand for Black Clover. You likely would have disappointed some viewers out there if they really had to accept that one team of captains was better than the other.

The animation for this battle was the best thing this episode had going. This isn’t to say that Black Clover hasn’t had great animation in the past, and even during their more memorable action scenes. However, that level of animation has not been something we were treated to since the filler began. What these animators involved brought to the table for this episode right here reminded us of exactly what we were missing. The facial expressions were on point, the smoothness of their actions and transitions between scenes was amazing. Let’s not forget the colors which were bold, excitable, and crisp. Simply nothing was held back to show just what makes the power of these captains so terrifying. Especially when it came to the different combination of spells they were able to pull off too.

That said, I was also impressed with the fact that this all felt like something they were building up to since we got this new OP. You don’t simply give us an OP where we see the captains duking it out and not actually give us that action.

All in all, the events of Black Clover “Clash! The Battle of the Magic Knights Squad Captains” made me really look forward to these episodes again. They may be filler, but there is clearly going to be the chance of a diamond in the rough like this one springing up.

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