Fire Force “Weapons of Destruction” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Weapons of Destruction”! Just like that we are already jumping into the next big thing for the fire soldiers of this world. Maki has been taken out of action, the military wants their piece of the action, and all of this leading to a joint operation taking us back to the Nether. Though the big question was what this second trip would offer that the first trip didn’t.

The crazy part about this episode? It took no time at all for us to get our answer to that. The first time around there was a build-up to crap hitting the fan. This time around, they had no problem at all jumping right into the madness. And that wasn’t even where things truly were shaken up. That came once crap hit the fan and we were also able to see that this was that point in the story where things would truly become violent. I didn’t think that this was that kind of series, but here we are with fire soldiers being lit up, blown up, disemboweled, beheaded. Nothing like what you have ever seen in previous encounters with either Infernals or the White Clad.

There was no better time than now to shake things up like this too. At some point we were going to have to see some things which made us believe that this war had real stakes. Meaning it was time that we were going to see some losses from the fire soldiers. It only makes sense since only now the other companies are beginning to see that there is nothing about the actions of the White Clad to ignore. Especially after making such a bold move against Haijima for the sake of adding another Pillar to their ranks.

Now the big thing this week was understanding what was meant by “Weapons of Destruction”. Who or what is that? It took till the end of the episode to grasp the meaning behind the title, but it was worth the wait for everything we now see to be true about Juggernaut. Since the Chinese Penninsula arc, I have been waiting patiently to see what Juggernaut had to bring to the table. This is a character who is very mousy around fire, but we all know that characters like this tend to pack some serious heat. In the case of Juggernaut, you have some expectations to meet when people decide to call you that of all things. This episode in the most emotional way ever made us see just why he earns the name Juggernaut. It’s not just for the firepower, it is also for the fire lit in him when properly motivated. I for one was genuinely impressed by the kind of fight he could put up as a third generation.

As goofy as it always has been that he wears so many layers of gear, they made sure that we could see why this only added to that Juggernaut power he taps into. It really helped as well that he had an opponent who was able to push him to that limit. Our first introduction to the “Knights of Purple Haze” did not disappoint for what this enemy was capable of. This one had an ability I’m surprised we have not seen up to this point.

Speaking of abilities we haven’t seen till now, I was also shocked by the kind of power displayed by another fire soldier. It was one of the most fitting abilities to have in this world. Which at the same time made it a bit broken that we weren’t going to see much more of that fire soldier.

In all honesty, episodes like this turn out to be my favorite. Fire Force “Weapons of Destruction” was one of the most memorable for the action, for the change in atmosphere you did not expect from Fire Force, and the emotion which continued the appeal of this series being character-driven. After this week’s episode, I am bracing myself for what comes next. Because it seems like things might get worse before this operation concludes.

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