Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 07 “Assault” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Jujutsu Kaisen episode 07 “Assault”! This week I finally have the chance to talk about the newest anime series I have begun watching. This one was by recommendation, and so far I have not regret investing in it since the first episode. Truthfully I was hesitant at first. I have seen my fair share of supernatural stories about exorcisms. Sometimes you see one and you’ve seen them all. Though I will give credit to Jujutsu Kaisen for being creative in approach.

Not only for being creative, but for being exciting too. The difference between a good supernatural series and one which excites is how willing they are to knock you at the edge of your seat. For me? Jujutsu Kaisen does that for me because of it’s excellent pacing a consistent progression. We know how this world works, what these jujutsu sorcerers do, and after this week’s episode we now know the kind of dangers they face. After last week’s episode, the last thing you would have expected was that this week we would jump right into what would happen once those special-grade spirits made their move. Namely Jogo who decides he wants to see what all the hype is about when it comes to this strongest sorcerer.

So through Jogo we got a good example of the level these special grades are at. Specifically the ones at the top. Jogo was no pushover, and was perfect for us getting to see just what makes Gojo the most powerful.

I know I had my assumptions about the kind of power he wielded, but this was definitely one of those things where you had to see things for yourself. So I was shocked once the reveal of his ability hit. This was a power you could call OP, or even god-tier for the advantage this gives him over just about anyone. I believe what also made this power so awesome was at the same time seeing it captured through the work of a capable animator. The battle between Gojo and Jogo was intense, it was explosive, and it was at the same time mind-bending. Quite literally too. I loved the cosmic effect, and the use of warm colors this animator tapped into when this battle boiled down to who could create the stronger domain.

If I only had one concern over the episode, it was the clear problem that was hard to overlook about Gojo. He’s powerful, but just like anyone else who has that much confidence in what they can do. You can already see how things might go downhill for him in time. Though you want to hold out hope that this is one of those things where maybe Gojo is just that strong that knowing what he can do is only half the battle.

Aside from this, it was worthwhile that we could see more interactions between the villains. Again we know what to expect from them. And their top priority for setting their plans in motion is getting the top sorcerer out of the way.

All in all, another great episode of Jujutsu Kaisen “Assault” that was pretty much action-packed from start to finish. I don’t always expect there to be episodes like this, but these are the ones which will keep you coming back for more. Beyond that, it is good to know what else we are to expect from the story and plot progression in the weeks to come.

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