Digimon Adventure “The Final Stage, DoneDevimon” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Final Stage, DoneDevimon”! Here we are at the finale to the confrontation with Devimon. One which has drastically gone differently for those of us who experienced this moment many years ago. He was never this powerful of an adversary, and it certainly didn’t take the kind of power which these heroes have to tap into in order to defeat.

This episode was very action-packed from start to finish. I was actually taken back by how quickly things kicked off, and how it was just a steady rise in intensity as Tai and Yamato slowly began to understand just what kind of threat they were dealing with in the newly introduced DoneDevimon. It was actually in this episode right here where I was finally able to appreciate the new dynamic between Digimon and DigiDestined because of this episode. At a time like this, you would think that the kids would hang back and let the Digimon take to the fight head-on. Yet that was not the case here. For even what was unfolding here against DoneDevimon, there was no retreat from either Tai or Yamato which made for an exciting scene. Particularly for the fact that you were worrying about their safety as much as anyone else’s.

The continued dynamic between MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon was something to appreciate since in the original series it felt like pulling teeth to see the two springing into action with legit combination attacks.

Where things took a creative turn was definitely how they recreated the dark turn which Tai and Greymon took. As longtime fans know, this was originally where Greymon turned into SkullGreymon. Though this time around we see Greymon turn into something else entirely. This time around he turns into Machinedramon. This I actually found fitting. That is despite also being very shocked that Machinedramon of all Digimon is actually possible for Agumon to turn into. Now that’s not to say that SkullGreymon didn’t work as a corrupted form too, though there’s something about turning into a form already established that just feels right. Especially a form which genuinely looks complete.

When all is said and done, my only problem was with the mega evolution of Devimon. I feel like DoneDevimon could have been so much more, but they went a bit too wild with how different they wanted to make this mega form. Now don’t get me wrong, the design of this form was great. However, I would say that the miasma hands which popped out of his back felt unnecessary. As an extension of his power it was terrifying and quickly shifted the balance of the battle. Though at the same time the same effect could have been produced by having DoneDevimon rely on his own physical prowess as a Digimon at a higher level.

Aside from that, it didn’t hurt to see how this situation would continue affecting the DigiDestined’s world. Of course at a point it did feel like the problem with the boats was dragging, but having that consistent consequence to losing looming over their heads was necessary.

In spite of that last bit, Digimon Adventure “The Final Stage, DoneDevimon” did satisfy as the finale to the confrontation with Devimon. This was a refreshing new experience which left all of us guessing how this was going to play out from start to finish.

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