Fire Force “Enemy Contact” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Enemy Contact”! In all honesty, episodes like this turn out to be my favorite. Fire Force “Weapons of Destruction” was one of the most memorable for the action, for the change in atmosphere you did not expect from Fire Force, and the emotion which continued the appeal of this series being character-driven. After this week’s episode, I am bracing myself for what comes next. Because it seems like things might get worse before this operation concludes.

When this episode picked up where the other ended, I was a bit broken by the end result of Juggernaut’s battle. Obviously he wasn’t dead from that explosive move he used to finish off the White Clad, but something about the way that episode ended told you that there was something to worry about. Considering how things have gone so far, they wasted no time at all to show us just what there was to brace for. I still have to sort through my feelings about the fate of Juggernaut, but for now I will say they are bold to make you fall in love with a character like him so quickly, and then break your heart at the same time.

From there, a lot happened, though it was certain things which of course would stick out involving Company 8 members. For this week’s episode there was more to see from Shinra as Dr. Giovanni finally makes his appearance working with the White Clad fully. This part right here was where things got twisted. We already know that this guy has some problems, but it was crazy to see just how far he was willing to go in order to make himself more than what he once was. I for one loved that there is at least one character that they would take the chance on going full mad scientist with.

There was one battle I did enjoy, and it was for what we got to see between Hinawa and Maki’s brother. The argument they had over Maki was long-awaited and worth it for the two different perspectives of who she is, and what is best for her. On one hand you have her brother who thinks she’s too delicate to fight these sorts of battles, but then you have Hinawa who knows her a little better to say that she is capable of much more than she is given credit for. The latter most important because you love these stories for the way that they drive home the message that life is full of choices that you can’t make for someone else. Aside from that, I did not find myself overlooking the display of power they took the opportunity to show for the Captain of Company 2. That is one Captain you don’t want to mess with.

By the end of this episode I was still shocked by the turn to darkness that this story has taken. It’s not as if this isn’t a dark story, but we have never seen a body count like this from any mission. Fire Soldiers being roasted, impaled, simply beat down. This is what it truly looks like for them to lose, and the reality is gruesome. As I said before, this was probably the point we needed to reach too. At some point we needed to see that there was something to genuinely fear from the Evangelist and the White Clad. As the villains, there needed to be a line that they would cross which no one else could.

This also made it a great time to address where this is all leading to. That much was a shocking revelation because to say that the enemy’s attacks have been bold is one heck of an understatement compared to what they are planning to do now.

Another week passes in the Nether, and this story continues to take you deeper into the abyss. Fire Force “Enemy Contact” sent a message that it is going to take more than just storming the gate to square up with the White Clad.

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