Digimon Adventure “Dive to the Next Ocean” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Dive to the Next Ocean”! With the Devimon saga concluded, now we move on to what comes next. Longtime fans know what happened at this point before, but it looks like a very different direction is being taken to this adventure. Not a problem with me either. The best thing this story has going for it right now is the ability to keep us guessing.

From start to finish this episode hit with the quickness. You would have assumed that with this being the start of a new arc that there might be a moment for these kids and their Digimon to catch their breath. Though that was far from the case here. As soon as the battle was won, there was a whole new situation to deal with. Now when it came to the original run, this was the moment where everyone was tossed into the air and scattered across the Digital World. This time around, they shook things up to instead drop Taichi, Yamato, and Takeru into the next continent.

What made this a unique situation was the fact that they were dropped out of the sky the way they were. Not to mention forced to do battle in mid-air to save everyone from a fall to their doom. It was a death-defying, as well as bold moment for Taichi, Yamato, and Takeru. Especially since they were facing numbers which were overwhelming in both power and numbers.

Now this episode may not have been action-packed the way you expected, but it was the kind of action to appreciate because we were seeing more of the value given to the DigiDestined. Honestly, when it came to the original run of Digimon? There was always the question of what the DigiDestined brought to the table as a whole. You had some like Kushiro who had brains to share, but sometimes that isn’t enough. It was about time that we could get a story where they are more pro-active in the adventures. Especially when you have episodes like this where their Digimon don’t have the energy to do the heavy lifting.

Beyond this, things certainly got interesting as the end to the Devimon saga did not mean an end to the problems in the human world. At first, I was feeling on the fence about this still being a thing. As I said last week, at a point it almost felt as if they were dragging their feet with the continued escalation of the ship situation. It could have even dragged this week, though I believe they found the right way to maintain progression. Mainly because they took this time to further press the fact that this is all taking place in modern times. Meaning you don’t suffer a problem like this and not see some sort of real world consequences. The kind which kind of outweigh anything else the evil Digimon could do. I mean, what’s worse? A giant Digimon rampaging through a town? Or the world tearing itself apart mistaking each other for the enemy?

Overall, this was an excellent start to what comes next for the DigiDestined and their Digimon. “Dive to the Next Ocean” in the end succeeded in showing us what is now at stake, and what is still at stake in winning against the darkness.

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