Black Clover “The Chosen Ones” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 153, “The Chosen Ones”! After these past few episode, I for one feel my excitement for Black Clover picking up once again. We all knew that it was going to take some time to get through this patch of filler episodes, but that didn’t make it any less difficult to hold out for patience knowing that episodes are going to be hit or miss. Fortunate for us that this hasn’t really been the case since the Captains Battle some weeks ago.

Like last week, and the week before, it seems that these filler episodes have gotten back on track to give us episodes which properly bridge the gap between the end of the Eye of the Midnight Sun attack, and the upcoming invasion. For the title of this episode they surely did make you wonder just what is meant by “The Chosen Ones”. Though it didn’t take long to figure out what was meant by that when the time came to see what the focus would be. It only made sense that after everything which has happened up to this point that we would finally get to a place where they would address the efforts of the Magic Knights who helped out or made a big difference in the war with the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

It was a simple episode to be frank. Nothing more and nothing less when it came to acknowledging who did what, and what the awards meant to said magic knight. Now while the Black Bulls didn’t get their due in a professional manner, I appreciated that nothing was taken away from what part they had to play in saving the kingdom.

With that said, before the ceremony, I did enjoy seeing how they would approach the training with the Heart Kingdom. Up to this point I assumed that this would just be for the Black Bulls, though it is much better knowing that the other squads would have people involved in the training too. Some of the new additions to the training were hard to argue with too. It was the best way to push some knights in ways that wouldn’t just happen off-screen.

The only problem with this episode was the involvement of the King in the awards ceremony. I get that they wanted to create some humor by throwing in a couple of the most useless characters in the series. I also get that they wanted to create that troublesome atmosphere where there was someone still stuck in the mindset that a peasant can’t reach certain heights. However, I couldn’t have cared less for anything which the King has to offer. Excuse me for saying this, but the character is trash, and I for one could say the same about Sekke. Some love Sekke for the ‘humorous’ situations he finds himself in, but that’s not me. This character is also one who I could live with seeing less of. There are plenty of others who have much more to give in contrast, and this episode was important for giving those characters their due attention.

Overall, Black Clover “The Chosen Ones” provided us another solid episode. The invasion is fast approaching, and as the weeks pass by we are seeing much more which matters to the progression of the story and plot. Rather than things such as the Devil Believers which felt like more of a detour.

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