Review: Nailbiter: Returns #7

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Nailbiter: Returns #7! Things are getting real in the small town of Buckaroo. I was once skeptical about what more that this book had to give, and clearly this creative team came back with a game plan. Quite literally too as slowly we are discovering from Crane and Warren how they might be the root cause for this current madness they have to endure.

Like the issue before, we once again took a trip to the past to better understand what happened during this period of time. So far I have also been impressed by these scenes for the fact that it wasn’t really expected that we would ever truly see what life was like for these two during simpler times. And that is of course saying simpler times ironically considering what they set in motion. Either way, it has been a solid progression going through what their relationship was actually like, and seeing just how it might have been possible for someone to have gotten that invested in their game.

This brings us back to the present where everyone has found themselves trapped in the woods where somehow there is blood raining from the skies. You think of the most terrifying omen to throw their way, and that would be it. While this could have been it, I was glad to see that there was also much more to the blood rain than meets the eye. Especially when it came to the reason why there would even be monsters in the woods. What sold this moment right here was definitely the reactions from Danny and Crane in particular. Neither of them are really having it, and I believe it says a lot when these two are pushed for a reaction in contrast to Finch who you know is going to give the standard response for someone like himself.

That leaves us with Alice who finds herself faced with another serial killer. Once again it made you wonder where she fits into the game. Obviously there are points to get from just about anything happening to her, but the devil was in the details. For this issue in particular it was good to see that there was a point to Alice finding herself at the center of this new threat.

What made this issue appealing overall was the visuals to go along with the ensuing madness. You have to hand it to this art team because they know how to make this horror you don’t see anywhere else. It’s not often that you see raining falling from the sky in the woods, and not normally will the decision be made to do this with a faded woods setting. Then they succeeded in taking Alice on one heck of a trip which only continued to challenge what anyone is really seeing in these woods. The bone armor, the hacking and slashing of bodies, let’s not forget the whole temple setting which came out of thin air. It was like stepping into a monument of horror. Though with that said, what brought this all together was the expressiveness of the characters. There is no horror unless the characters themselves convince you of what is being experienced, and this art team nailed that. The looks of shock and terror were on point.

In the end, Nailbiter: Returns #7 did not disappoint in further revealing what’s going on in the town of Buckaroo, Oregon, and doing so in the most unique way for a book like this.

Nailbiter: Returns #7




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