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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Power Pack #1! Now you know that this was a book that I had to pick up. I would not call myself the biggest Power Pack fan, but this is one of those groups of superheroes which I have always felt strongly about not seeing enough of in the Marvel Universe these days. You don’t introduce them, make them exist, but never allow us to genuinely grow with them. One day we woke up and there was only really two of them who existed, but they were just supporting characters in other character’s stories. That’s not fair. Not to them, or to what they represented as the Power Pack. So far I would say this is the right step towards rectifying that.

Now as the first issue, it was crucial that this creative team made sure that there was a proper introduction to the Power Pack. Some of us may know the Power Pack, and some of us may know Julie and Alex only for their continued existence in mainstream books, but there can easily be just as many readers who pick up this book and have no clue who they are. This first issue kicked off with an origin story that was handled in a cute way. I wasn’t expecting crayon drawings and child-like spelling for the story, though it was fitting for the fact that this was told through the perspective of Katie Power. From there, it was endearing to put these siblings together in the same room to show just how long it has been since they split off on their own. For longtime fans, it’s hard to look at them the same way being older than they were before. However, it is always appreciated when you hit that realization that you are growing with them too.

This brings us to the question of how the Power Pack now operates as a superhero family, because of course this first issue wasn’t going to allow them to go without seeing some action as a family again. Seeing them in action again was nostalgic to say the least. They may have grown up, but they were still very much the same in terms of what they can do, and how they work together.

Though with that said, the interesting thing about bringing the Power Pack back during this time is the fact that this is during a period where being a young hero is outlawed. For those who aren’t aware yet, in the Marvel Universe, the Kamala Law has been enacted to keep young heroes off the streets for their safety and the safety of others. So I for one was definitely anxious to see how this would impact their lives in particular. Though surprisingly that wasn’t something that mattered till the very end of the issue. So the big question was if being aware of this ongoing story would be a problem for those not caught up on the events of ‘Outlawed’. The answer to that is no. At least not yet.

One thing which definitely sold me on this book was the interior work from this art team. They started off unique through the kid’s drawing of their origin story, and from there took advantage of a youthful lens taken towards the world these kids live in. I expected nothing less from Nico Leon or Rachelle Rosenberg as the two of them are very well-known for producing quality artwork. Particularly when it comes to books like Power Pack which require a lighter touch to the visuals. I certainly admired the smooth pencils, the focus on making these kids look like they belong in a modern world (their clothes), and the energy put into the colors. I would dare say the colors made the biggest impact here because you need a palette which highlights the youthful vigor of your young characters. Especially when setting the atmosphere for a tone that is more family-oriented.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Power Pack, or new to these characters. Power Pack #1 offers a wholesome superhero story which you don’t see often enough these days. This is a family back together and one which enjoys the brighter side of saving the day.

Power Pack #1




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