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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #11! It breaks my heart that we now find ourselves at the end of this creative team’s run of Suicide Squad. Honestly, this might be THE BEST run ever of Suicide Squad because it takes every part of what makes this such a thrilling read. The humor, the action, the revel in violence that you aren’t going to get from any other book.

For this issue being the series finale, I was definitely anxious about what this creative team was going to do with the time left with the pages remaining. These guys were moments away from being blown up, and it was hard to tell just how they were going to get out of this situation. Though that is certainly where a writer like Tom Taylor thrives. Catching you off guard at the points of the story where you have no idea what comes next. Zebra Man could have easily been the one to save the day by holding up his force field, or maybe someone would have made the hard call to put Lola down before she blew up. Just about anything could have happened here because that’s just the kind of book Suicide Squad is. One where you expect the unexpected because the characters don’t follow the rules.

Now following that situation, there was just as big of a question wondering what came next for these characters. I enjoyed a lot of things about this last stretch of the story, but none more than seeing what these guys wanted to do with their inevitable victory. Some things were shocking, other things were not, but it was great in general to see these character embracing the role of heroes. Not without some indulgence in playing by their own rules of course.You could say that everyone got what they deserved by the end. Harley walked away with a better sense of direction in what she does next. The Revolutionaries got to ensure that everything they sacrificed up to this point was not in vein. Others in their own way got something out of this experience too.

The only ones who probably didn’t get what they wanted was actually the Justice League as they arrived to clean house. It was gold how the heroes once again pop up only to find that their brand of justice wasn’t required. Truthfully it takes a great creative team to acknowledge how problematic a hero’s view of the world can be from the perspective of everyone who they consider to be villains.

That said, it was quite the twist that this finale picked up with. After the situation that The Revolutionaries and Harley found themselves in by the end of Suicide Squad #10, I was not surprised that there would be some twist which would give these guys a fighting chance. Though this was an unexpected development considering the character the opening scene focused on was the very last person you thought would make the biggest difference in the end. Credit where it is due that Tom Taylor did the work to make sure these new characters he created weren’t for nothing. We may not have gotten to know most of them intimately, but we got around to enough by the end that you would want to see where these characters pop up next to grow.

This brings us to the artwork for this final issue, and let’s be honest, you’d be lying if there was anything other than good things to say about the magic this art team brings to the pages. As I have said before, Bruno Redondo is an artist who knows how to deliver an action scene and never skips a beat to immerse you in the madness. Having clean pencils for once was not something I was ever ready to argue with either. It went a long way towards connecting with these characters and the world that they exist in. Specifically when there is so much to absorb in such a short amount of time each issue. For this issue in particular it was explosive, it was emotional, yet it was also humorous in its own way. And let’s not forget the colors from Adriano Lucas too. Without that bold and vivid palette of colors, you would not experience the energy from this story the way that you should. Without the unique lettering from Wes Abbott too, we wouldn’t have been able to feel as engaged with these characters and the story as much as we were able to be.

By the end of Suicide Squad #11, I was feeling so bitter because I wanted more. This was a beautiful end which brought everything to a conclusion, yet left you wishing that there is a future where these stories continue in some way or another. I wanted a Revolutionaries book, I wanted a Harley Quinn book where she is moving forward from this specific experience. Heck, I wanted to see what happened to Waller after giving up control of Task Force X. That was probably the only thing which crushed me since one had to have the assumption that maybe she wasn’t going to step back so easily.

If you haven’t read this run of Suicide Squad? What are you waiting for!?

Suicide Squad #11




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