Review: Undiscovered Country #10

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Undiscovered Country #10! You gotta love it when things seem too good to be true. I had no doubt about it too from the minute this team stepped foot into Unity. The problem could have been Unity, or the problem could have been some outside interference in the assumed peacefulness of this zone. All you knew for sure was that something wrong was going to happen at some point.

I for one was shocked that this would actually start with the Destiny Man. When you have stories like this, the expectation is that you usually come to find out that that what seems perfect is far from it. Though that would have been too easy, wouldn’t it? It was smart that this creative team decided that the Destiny Man would be the catalyst for everything going wrong in the one place which seemed to have the answers everyone desired. That’s not to say that we know exactly what it is that this monster did to bring his brand of chaos into Unity, but that was a question you didn’t struggle holding off as we got to see what makes this zone so formidable. Like the Destiny Man, Dr. Jain is another leader who is much more than what she appears to be on the surface. I was genuinely taken back by how quickly she was able to react to the madness which erupted on the streets. Though with that said, what really grabs your attention are the means by which she chose to protect her people and the zone. It all did seem pretty rehearsed, but it was hard to deny what she was selling by the results she had to show.

Now switching things up to Ace and Valentina, I was surprised by where this zone took them. It made sense that of everyone here they would be the ones who couldn’t help looking for their own answers. Their story is where things actually cleared up for us too. Even if everything we were seeing in the battle shined a brighter light on Dr. Jain, what was discovered here so quickly changed everything you thought you knew. What you saw on the cover of this issue wasn’t just for show. We needed an explanation of what that monster was, and who it was, and the answer did not let us down.

Aside from this, what I appreciated about this issue most was getting another flashback scene of America as they were creating these zones. Because of what unfolded in the issue previous, it was easy to forget that a lot we have discovered about this new country is due to the trips we have taken to the past to experience what the period of development was like for the leaders of these zones.

All that said, it was also the work from the art team which elevated the impact of this issue. Once again there was so much to admire about the technological innovations that the Unity zone accomplished. The things they can create with their minds, the ways they are able to defend themselves, the reality of what it takes to live this kind of life. The creativity here was boundless from start to finish. This including the horror elements which they were again able to tap into. I was not expecting the kind of corrupted bio-masses which dropped onto the streets like a zombie apocalypse. Neither did I expect the terrifying scene which they created by showing us what sacrifice really means to someone like Dr. Jain. Between what these people really look like, and confirming the identity of that monster we saw on the cover? Like I said, some things are just too good to be true, but visually you had to love the reveal of it all.

In the end, Undiscovered Country #10 did not fail to remind us that this story is horror in its own way. I for one let myself get swept up in the impossible, and that made it simple enough to forget that it takes some sacrifice to create it.

Undiscovered Country #10




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