Fire Force “Plot for Extinction” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Plot for Extinction”! After the past couple episodes of Fire Force, I was holding my breath for this one. Would take continue to drag us deeper into the darkness which swept over this arc? Or would they begin to lighten things up to give is chapter a heroic conclusion? For better or for worse, I had to know!

One thing they did not shy away from this week was the sense of urgency to put a stop to the White Cad’s plans in the Nether. I for one thought maybe they were going to give this one more episode or so before bringing the conflict to an end, but here they were making this the episode where it was all or nothing. This created the right environment to genuinely challenge these Fire Soldiers, and one Detective Oze. Mainly because these are the times where you really reveal who has the mettle for this line of work, and who doesn’t. Fortunately they gave everyone their chance to step up when it mattered most.

Especially one character in particular who you did not expect to play such a pivotal role in saving the Tokyo Empire from burning to the ground. She really made a statement that Second Generations are nothing to overlook in this world. Particularly those who can make someone else’s power their own, with ease.

While this was ongoing, there was still the last battle taking place between Giovanni, Shinra, and Arthur. While it wasn’t anything too standout, you did have to appreciate how different a battle could be when engaging with an enemy like Giovanni who is anything but human anymore. He created quite the challenge for Shinra and Arthur that they surprisingly pulled off some memorable feats to keep up with him. In the end, it went a long way that Giovanni was also an enemy who couldn’t help giving Shinra and Arthur some information they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise because he’s all about a good monologue.

Now after all was said and done, I for one was satisfied with the conclusion to this conflict in the Nether. There are so many ways in which this could have all gone south, though when the White Clad’s goal is to ultimately wipe out the Tokyo Empire? You knew that there was only one way that this was going to end. The only question was how wrong things could get before reaching that point. That was the part which satisfied me most, because things were already dark from the moment these Fire Soldiers stepped into the Nether. At some point they had to ease up on the gas to give them a chance to fight back. Otherwise we would have to call this what it is. Violence for the sake of it, and we know that Fire Force has always been above that kind of storytelling.

Which brings us to the takeaway as well for this story arc. This met expectations for the story progression because this would have all been meaningless if everyone didn’t walk away with a greater understanding of how dangerous the Evangelist and White Clad are. I remember the point in the story where I was feeling disappointed since no one was taking the threat seriously. Everyone wanted to still do their own thing without taking any risks. It was about damn time that others, including the military began stepping up to the plate. This is just what the series needs to further shake up the interactions.

Overall, Fire Force “Plot for Extinction” was thrilling from start to finish. I never knew what to expect from the Nether, and that made every twist and turn of this story exhilarating. Even the sincere moments were something to appreciate in the middle of it.

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