Digimon Adventure “Break Through the Sea Monster Barricade” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Break Through the Sea Monster Barricade”! With a crash landing into the next continent, they certainly grabbed my attention to see what comes next in this adventure. Though mostly I was just looking forward to seeing a conclusion to whatever disaster they have been trying to avoid as the ships continued to spiral out of control.

That said, I enjoyed the introduction which Yamato and Taichi received from this new continent. One would have thought that upon their landing, they would get a second to catch their breath after everything they just experienced. However, that just wasn’t the case for them here. I probably would have enjoyed a bit of a tour, or you know, them actually doing a bit of adventuring. Though it seems that the intent with this reboot has been to hit the ground running. At the same time I can’t really have a problem with that because these days it does tend to pay to get to the point of a story or plot.

That they would also find themselves faced with numerous Seadramon was a shocker too. From the minute this battle with them kicked off, it did not let up till it was over. You could say that they did more of the same with the Seadramon constantly rising in power and threat level, though you had to appreciate that this was a Digimon you wouldn’t ordinarily want to fight even just one of. You had Seadramon, you had it’s evolution, you even had another form you don’t quite see too often either. Each one was able to give Greymon and Garurumon a run for their money. Greymon in particular who found himself in a troublesome situation. What made this a standout action scene was seeing the way that these two along with Leomon and company were able to work to stand up to the numbers which Seadramon had on them.

This brings us to one thing notable about the battle too. That being the brutality of these Digimon clashing. Normally you would not see what happens when one Digimon attacks another to break skin. Though here we had our first example of what that looks like. Nothing gory, but obviously you would see data spilling out of the Digimon.

Now with this week’s episode I was glad that they finally found a way to wrap up this situation with the ships and threat of war between nations. This was an excellent idea to implement for the fact that in the original series they never got the opportunity to really toy with the dangers the Digital World could create for the physical world. The only problem I would say was the overall execution. As I mentioned before, this did feel as though it dragged on a bit. It began well, and ended great, but this was probably something you expected to concluded a couple of episodes ago. That said, to be fair, you had to give credit where it is due for the greater role which Kushiro was able to play being able to access things which no kid his age should be able to.

Something else I liked that they finally got around to was where Hikari would find her part to play in this. Like Takeru, it was going to be problematic if she spent too much time just being there when you know that they are being called some way. Now how Hikari receives her call was definitely creative in contrast to where she got her introduction in the original series. In that one she didn’t pop up till much later in the series. Yet here she is in episode twenty-six making her journey to the Digital World. All that’s left now is finding out where Gatomon will be found this time around. Will she still be with Miotismon? Or will she have a different point of origin? Without a doubt this is going to be one of those things where it will probably benefit more for them to do things differently.

All in all, Digimon Adventure “Break Through the Sea Monster Barricade” gave us plenty to look forward to moving forward. Aside from the ship situation, they continue to do the right thing by making sure we are expecting the unexpected from this adventure.

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