Black Clover “Vice Captain Langris Vaude” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 154, “Vice Captain Langris Vaude”! I can’t say I wasn’t anxious about this week’s episode. the way they set things up, the impression was created that we should fear what Langris thinks about Yuno ranking up to his level. Was this something he would be okay with? Or was this going to be the motivation he needed to figure out what comes next? There’s only so much time he can ask for before getting back to his duties as Vice Captain.

This episode I truly enjoyed because Langris has gone through some serious changes since his first introduction. I remember how much of a trash individual he used to be compared to who he is now. Everything about who he is now is a major improvement. Which made it all the more important that an episode was taken to address where he is at now currently. Specifically after the Eye of the Midnight Sun attack. It’s easy to say that he maybe felt uneasy about resuming his duties as a Magic Knight, but it does go deeper than that. As we saw last week from Charlotte, there are some out there who still feel like they can’t trust themselves fully. Not because they think they are untrustworthy, but because sharing a body with an elf changes you.

In the case of Langris, we got another example of how the elves mana still exists within those possessed. Just enough that whatever power the elves tapped into, they are able to now do so freely. To some this might be exciting, but at the same time this could easily be confusing for being a feat you didn’t accomplish yourself. That said, I thought it was thrilling that this example would also come from a sparring match between Langris and Yuno. The animation for this action scene was spectacular. You had the unique color combinations used to create Langris’ aura, and there’s never a dull moment seeing that green lightshow which Yuno is able to put on when he unleashes his full power.

Now through the calmer moments, it was nice to see Langris in a more casual setting. I would say that it goes a long way for characters like him to be able to have another character to converse with. Mainly because it takes time and a bit more effort for characters such as him to carry a story on his own.

My only disappointment was that there was never an outright explanation of Langris’ actions and decisions, though I suppose they also felt like it was all a given. To some extent it was, though even then it’s hard to shake the idea that they could have made Langris a bit more straightforward about his intentions moving forward.

All in all, Black Clover “Vice Captain Langris Vaude” turned out to be a wholesome episode that we needed, and for a character who deserved to be acknowledged for his growth. Say what you will about Black Clover, but rarely are you ever left in need of episodes with strong character focus and progression.

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