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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Far Sector #9! After what we got out of Far Sector #8? I can’t say I was ever this anxious to see what came next in this book. As I said before, this creative team did not let us down for showing us exactly why Jo would be disgusted to realize she’s facing the same kind of bureaucracy nonsense she has experienced back home on Earth.

So let’s start with how things kicked off in this issue. That surprised me considering everything which has happened up to this point. I wasn’t expecting that things would take off so casually, but I wasn’t going to argue with that either. As it stands, the more subtle moments in Far Sector tend to be where this book is at its most engaging. Particularly when this time around they decided to address the political landscape of City Enduring. One could say we were already ware of this, but even then there’s much we don’t fully understand about the inner workings of this planet. Specifically when it comes to the Council and the power which they hold over everything which is allowed and not allowed. I for one enjoyed them creating a parallel to the political landscape on Earth. It’s easy to forget that no matter how far you travel from home, nothing is ever one-hundred percent different.

Now through this issue we also begin to develop a better understanding of how this planet continues to thrive in general. The one thing I have always appreciated about Far Sector is that they never just drop everything you need to know on your lap. Everything you learn and have revealed to you is something which Jo has to work for. She’s either getting herself into the thick of it, or she’s just making conversation with the right person to get insight into something she wouldn’t have understood on her own. I would actually dare to say the best thing this book has going for it is that N.K. Jemisin never goes too far to create depth. When I say this, I mean that Jemisin never loses you in a deep conversation. Some writers will tend to think that everything has to be overly complicated or risk going over your head. Yet this is all easy to follow because we are just talking about the behavior of people who who either lack or show emotion.

Other small things stood out in this issue too. One thing was the continued exploration of the @t lifestyle. You wouldn’t have thought the role they play to be so crucial to immersing yourself in this world, and then you would be wrong. This creative team has been doing an excellent job of furthering the uniqueness of this corner of the DC Universe through the blending of all these cultures which live so differently from one another.

From there, they didn’t waste time taking us deeper into the conspiracy Jo is on the trail of. This part here was a thrill for the fact that we were seeing more of Jo when she isn’t relying on her ring, and that is actually something I didn’t mind seeing at all. For as much as we want to see of what this ring allows Jo, it matters just as much to see what she is capable of just using her experience as a cop and a soldier. Now this brings us to the part which stirred some feelings of horror. Mainly because it’s one thing for someone like Jo to be aware of things unjust and cruel, and it’s another thing for that to stare her right in the face. I for one want to see what happens when she begins to make good on letting no more of this madness stand.

As with most issues of this book, there was always some visual treat from Jamal Campbell. Once more he did not let us down just having fun with all the things which both us and Jo are new to out here. As I said before, the @t are just full of surprises and this time around it was something as simple as seeing how they enjoy the idea of eating food. There aren’t many people who will do this well capturing a digital effect, but Campbell is certainly one who does it excellently. I for one love the different colors he throws together to represent data in a solid form. After that it was other things exciting like seeing Jo take advantage of her own skillset without her ring. She can fight just as well as she can blast someone, and is just like any other person who might freak out operating some vehicle they have never seen before. Beyond this, I never get to say it enough, but there’s something to love about about the way these settings are rendered. You think you’ve seen everywhere and everything this place has to offer, and then there’s something else which amazes you for simply existing.

All in all, Far Sector #9 was another insightful issue which perfectly sets up for the next big thing to unfold.

Far Sector #9




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