Review: Justice League: Endless Winter #1

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League: Endless Winter #1! The start of the new crossover event of the season, and taking place in some of DC’s most popular books. I have to say that I was interested to see what this story had to offer. Not that I wouldn’t go in with full faith towards this being the best thing ever, because readers should always be wary when investing in a crossover event. Some are memorable for having a properly executed plan, others might disappoint you because of too much requirement to keep up with many more books than you planned to have to read in order to stay on the up and up.

Now as the issue which kicks off this crossover event, fortunately our focus only had to be on the effort put into selling us on this story. So with that said, the start to this story was solid to say to say the least. As a Justice League book, this creative team did what some other creatives fail to do for readers. They simply gave us a scene which was essentially just the Justice League doing what they do best. These days the simple things are nothing to overlook in importance. It’s with scenes like this that you get to know the roster, you’re reminded of the kind of work they can do when the danger isn’t extinction-level, and most importantly you know what version of these characters you’re dealing with. In other words you know where they are at currently in their own personal stories.

I mean I know that there will be some readers out there questioning why this creative team would spend so much time in the first issue on the small moments, but it was honestly worth it. With superhero comics, there is never a wrong time to focus on the small moments, because it’s when you run into an extinction-level threat that they tend to appreciate them most. In this case specifically, it did not hurt to have these heroes question what it means to do what they do and have a normal life too.

From there it was also a solid build-up to what would go wrong at the former site of the Fortress of Solitude. It only made sense that this would be a situation which would stem from someone deciding they needed something Kryptonian to salvage from the site. Though it was really what came after which mattered most. When the Frost King made his entrance, I was impressed with the results. This is the Justice League, so you need an enemy who is able to put their backs against the wall. The Frost King was that kind of enemy for the power and numbers he had on his side. I found that it was very important that this was an enemy who neither of them were familiar with either. No one knew what to expect from the other, which meant that the first clash would be your cut of the mill slobber-knocker.

That said, the interior work from this art team was amazing. I was caught off guard by the team they put together for this book, though I was all the same appreciative for them. When it comes to any sort of event, the quality of the art matters. You want a great story, yet you also want then to grab your attention through strong visuals. I would say that they accomplished this. There was excellent attention to details from the penciler, an excellent range of colors to make the art pop. Not to mention an impressive use of cold colors. Being a winter event, I also enjoyed the fact that we have an art team who knows how to adjust the heroes attire for a cold environment. Not too often will some artists do that in a story like this, and it really does matter when it comes to creating an atmosphere. Something else I liked noticing was what happened once the trouble began. In the midst of the action, you could also see how the Justice League was being covered with ice. Whether that was because something was being done to them, or it was aesthetic, small things like this stand out with the action taking place in the arctic.

Overall, I would say that the events of Justice League: Endless Winter #1 left me intrigued to see where DC is going with this crossover event. That is, if it will really be worth getting pulled from one superhero book into the next in order to keep up with what’s now unfolding. If the Justice League is not enough to stop the Frost King, who else will step up to handle this new enemy?

Justice League Endless Winter #1




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