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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the debut of King In Black #1! If you’re looking for something both new and bold? Then King in Black just may be that book for you. Call him the King in Black, Knull, or even the God of the Symbiotes, but he has finally made his way to Earth. The big question is what this entity has in store for Earth, and if this is something we are going to want to invest in.

Now with all the hype for this book, I thought it was important that this first issue was welcoming to anyone who decided to just jump into the event through this issue. Because that’s exactly what I did. Surely enough there are some readers out there who have done the same. For all that I do know about what’s about to unfold, I haven’t actually read anything involving this symbiote situation leading up to this point. So as I said, one of the big factors for success that I was looking at, was how welcoming this would be to anyone who picked this up on a whim. Fortunately for us, I wouldn’t say that there was much you really needed to know to prepare yourself for what was coming. There was a small monologue towards the beginning which summed up the situation, and it was actually all you needed to grasp the story and direction. Knull was on his way to Earth, and bringing a big *** symbiote army. That’s it.

From there, this creative team played zero games with just jumping right into the madness. The urgency they created to get the ball rolling was something which impressed me, because there are some creative teams who will use this first issue as a slow build-up. They choose continuing to lay the foundation for the story, rather than being bold enough to just jump right into the thick of it. You understood how bad the situation was from Brock’s panic, not to mention from every other hero scrambling to prepare for war.

Though the true shocker was how much of this first issue would actually be the battle commencing. That caught me off guard, but I was delighted by this all the same. When you’re writing a villain like Knull? Your best bet is to deliver on a show of force to set the tone. To that extent this creative team succeeded beautifully. The effort was put in to show why it mattered to fear this being a numbers game. More importantly even the effort was put in to measure just how power Knull is to the rest of these heroes. Only getting through half of the issue did you find out just where the bar was set in power, and it made you question just what the hell it was going to take for these heroes to overcome this villain who in fact is a force unlike any Earth’s heroes have ever faced. And they didn’t even stop there. Through this first issue, they made certain to flip this world on its head and change the landscape. I don’t think we have ever seen something this damaging to Earth since Battleworld.

If there was one thing which definitely caught my attention, then it would be the work from this art team. From start to finish I found their work to be commendable for the scope of this event, and for so much which clearly took some attention to detail. Especially since this is a story that is centered around symbiotes. Some artists get it, others don’t. Lucky for us these are artists who get the vision for these monsters. I mean, there was a lot of symbiote to fit into these pages, and all of it could have just been one giant mess of black. Credit where it is due that between penciler, inker, and colorist they were all able to give it all form. This including the way that those like Venom and Knull are drawn. They had proportion and distinction put into the way they were drawn. That said, I also enjoyed how creative they got with the assault on Earth. As a symbiote, you can turn that stuff into just about anything. I’m just glad that we had artists who were into this enough to just have fun with all the structures and weapons that could be constructed.

By the end of King In Black #1, I would dare to say that this creative team made a believer out of me. This story so far not only changes everything you once knew about symbioses, it changes everything you thought you should fear from them too.

King In Black #1




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