Review: The Orville #4: Heroes Part 2 of 2

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Orville #4: Heroes Part 2 of 2! Had to play a bit of catch-up to get to this second part of the ‘Heroes’ story, but I was sure happy that I did! As I have said numerous times, the best thing about this Orville book is the fact that it offers us so much storytelling and opportunity which the show isn’t always able to deliver. In the case of this story here? That would be one which focuses on Talla. It was sad when the former had to depart the show, but credit where it is due that Talla was able to capture our hearts the same. All that we were missing from her story was one which focused more on her connection to her people and world.

Picking up from where the previous issue ended, the time for action had come for Talla, Lamarr, and Dr. Finn. This part was exciting since ordinarily Zorro only works in a world where people are fighting on the same level. As in with swords and basic guns. That made this all the more exciting considering all of the steps they would have to take in order to protect Talla from getting hurt while pulling off this heroic act. For the most part you could stay that this half of the book had a storybook progression to it. Meaning that to some extent you kind of knew what was going to unfold between both sides of this conflict. Talla was going to make a show of power, the Nazh were going to respond with force, and something after that had to happen which would inspire these people to take back their own freedom. That’s just how these stories work. The only difference of course being that The Orville isn’t the kind of series to shy away from being wholesome about the lessons we are taught in the process.

Now what I loved most about this whole story is the way they have recreated Zorro for this world. Anyone who knows Zorro could instantly look at this storybook hero, Xandia, and see the similarity. Though the most important thing was understanding how storybook heroes like this can exist in other cultures. The same concept, but a different person, a different mission, a different home to protect.

That said, how this story concluded was something which will definitely cause you some conflict. As they said, heroism requires sacrifice. This was not something they shied away from teaching us by the end of this issue. We’ve seen all sorts of situations the members of The Orville had gotten themselves into, but this was the first one where you could really see what happens when not every solution comes peacefully. I for one enjoyed this message they sent to us because this series is one which you never expect to hold your hand when it comes to real consequences and stakes. In a real world, not all resolutions can be met without real cost.

Like before, I never cease to feel amazed by the efforts from this art team to bring the familiarity of The Orville to these pages. It feels like with each passing story David Cabeza in particular seems to always get better at mastering the likeness of these characters to make it consistent with every flip of the page. Especially when you have those scenes which focus on the characters shoulder-up. Now between both issues I also admired the way that they capture the Okudum and the Nazh. The Okudum looked unique in their own way because of the way that they lived naturally, and the Nazh were certainly something different for their appearance too. Mostly because if this was the show, you would have probably seen the upper half of the face looking Nazh, and the lower half maybe showing the jaw of the actor wearing the face. Again it benefits greatly to tell these stories in a medium where the limitations are lacking. Aside from this, the action was visually thrilling, smooth, and the colors were both both and full of range. The art would not pop the way it did without a colorist who knows how to breath life into the world.

Overall, The Orville #4: Heroes Part 2 of 2 brings another story to an end which excites you in new ways. I knew what this story was setting up for, but there was no way to brace for every twist and turn to it.

The Orville #4: Heroes Part 2 of 2




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