Fire Force “Firecat” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Firecat”! From the minute I saw what this episode was going to be titled, I was filled with anticipating and excitement for what it would hold for us. For a series that I love as much as Fire Force, the only thing that was ever holding it back was the role which Tamaki played in this. The Lucky Lechery was funny at first, but at some point you expect so much more from a female lead. It seemed this was that time where they were ready to give us more.

Now through the events of this episode I was finally able to take a death breath and sigh with relief. After how many episodes where I couldn’t help criticizing the way Tamaki was written, here we are at the one where things at last begin to turn around for her. All it took was the opportunity to train with the right people who knew how to motivate her. It could have easily been Benimaru who trained her too, but it was definitely more fitting that it was the twins instead. From the minute their version of training began, it was hard to argue with the choice considering the similarities both parties shared in ability.

For Tamaki specifically, it was a thrill to see her finally tap into her full potential as things heated up. We already knew that these two girls packed some serious power. Especially when they combine that power into one. And that set the perfect stage for Tamaki to show that there was much more to what she could do initially. I also found the full unleash of her power to be brilliant because as a third generation she should have had the same capability as others to be more explosive. What she showed was explosive and much more. That her fire would even now engulf her was a step in the right direction.

I’m sure some would have wanted to see Shinra and Arthur do more, but I’m fine with a small break from them to give Tamaki the time she needed to surpass her limits.

With that said, their main reason for going to the 7th was nothing to overlook either. I for one also enjoyed finally seeing what happened to Konro when he confronted that Demon Infernal. It wasn’t enough to just know that he pushed his power to the limit and walked away with tephrosis. It went a long way to also see exactly what he did that would cause this, and at the same time see just what came of him making contact with an Infernal of that power-level. After seeing what happened to Joker and the Captain of the 1st, there was no way he couldn’t have shared in the same experience. Though this time around they did manage to shake things up by showing that those who have made a link are more important than they seem.

All that aside, I found it comedic how you had this serious training going on, yet at the same time it was juts a normal day for the residents of this district. To think that even when there is madness caused by their own people outside of battles with Infernals for no one to bat an eye is funny.

In the end, this might be the point where I say that patience was probably needed to see where Tamaki would evolve. Though the hard truth is that everything we had to endure with her character previously will always be bothersome. They really did let those shenanigans go on longer than they should have. Fire Force “Firecat” was the first step needed to begin rectifying the neglect this character experienced to only just now begin to improve.

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