Digimon Adventure “Escape the Burning Jungle” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Escape the Burning Jungle”! After the events of “The Children’s Fight for Survival”, I did feel more confident in investing in what comes next. Though even then, it was easy to feel concerns again when you still see some patterns to the storytelling. Some of which would hopefully come to a stop this week.

Now I’m not going to lie, I thought that things were going to get a bit predictable at this point. The past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the same thing over and over with Taichi and Agumon. They find themselves into a situation where they encounter a Digimon at a higher level. One which pushes them to either rely on this new power they unlocked, or for some reason half-evolve into WarGreymon. To me, this felt like something that was going to get old fast if we saw it again. Fortunately for us, they made a bit more of an attempt to shake things up. This time around they allowed the Chosen Ones to surprise us with their initiative to take advantage of what some can do that others can’t. In the case of Taichi and Greymon in particular, their dynamic shined through in the way that they actually strategize.

This brings us to the enemy Digimon which they encountered. I was fairly shocked by the number of enemies which Taichi and Agumon had to deal with. One would have assumed that this burning forest was a product of one Digimon running wild, but who would have guessed that there was more than just one involved. Each one was quite formidable in their ow right too. Especially when the only Digimon that could really fight back are the ones with the Chosen Ones.

With that said, another great thing about this situation is that finally we reached a point where there was a proper explanation of what makes this world tick. One would assume that we should already know this, or that this kind of information should be a given, but clearly some things have changed in this soft reboot. Namely the way that these Digimon survive and evolve. The Digital World has always been a fairly hostile world, but that was usually because of the existence of evil Digimon. They never made it a point to say that to evolve you had to eat or destroy another Digimon. So far this has been an interesting development since at the same time this creates an environment where no one is safe, and one where you should consider everyone you don’t know dangerous till otherwise.

Aside from this, the best takeaway from this episode was again the way that these creators push the benefit of the Chosen Ones now being able to communicate better than they could in the original run. If this was that original run? No one beyond Taichi and Agumon would have any idea that Hikari was taken away by SkullKnightmon. So it makes a big difference that they can keep each other up to date and informed.

That they can even act on that information better is a step in the right direction. One pair in particular I admire the writing for because it matters that we see what can change when travel is something they aren’t trying to put limitations on.

If there was a problem I had with this episode that was inexcusable? That would be watching WarGreymon in pain as another Digimon chomps on his METAL ARM. I mean, do I really need to explain this one? Just look at the image above and ask yourself if that’s something you could genuinely overlook. I wish that wasn’t something that I had to call out, but this is the kind of thing I hope they avoid doing again and altogether.

Overall, Digimon Adventure “Escape the Burning Jungle” impressed me in more ways than one. I had my concerns about where they were going after last week’s episode, but it is good to see that there is a reason to have faith in the direction this story and plot is taking.

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