Black Clover “Five-Leaf Clover” Review

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 157, “Five-Leaf Clover”! Also the last episode of the year. I think this is the episode we have all been looking forward to, because after this we finally begin to jump back into the main storyline. Though that’s not to say that these past episodes (aside from the Devil Banishers) has been anything to overlook. It still matters that we are able to sit here and get a good idea as to the kind of powers the Clover Kingdom will have to tap into in order to stand a chance against the Spade Kingdom three rulers.

That said, this week’s episode was a long time coming. As I have said before, if there is one thing that this series tends to lack focus of, it’s the fact that Asta has a devil living inside of his grimoire. There is not enough times where many would actually address what that means for Asta. As in what he is truly capable of with this power. It’s one thing to have the rare gist of anti-magic, but it goes beyond that too when you have the power of a devil fueling it. If a magic knight like Asta is going to continue improving, then at some point someone had to begin asking the important questions. How are you in control? What are your limits? What do you actually know versus what you do not? Gadjah has surprisingly been the right guy to challenge these things which have gone too long unquestioned. Ultimately this led to something new which we should hopefully see pushed further in the upcoming new arc.

Now with all of this still technically being filler, I wasn’t too surprised that we would get that one episode which pretty much recapped things up to this point. One could definitely have a problem with this, if they so choose. However, I felt like they did right by viewers since there was actually meaning to going back and revisiting some of these key moments of the past for Asta. If someone who doesn’t know him is supposed to train him. Especially knowing that there is a devil inside of his grimoire, then it only makes sense that he takes the initiative to ask Asta for his story.

From there, it was also only a matter of time before we would get back around to Noelle’s training, along with Nero of course. Though mostly Noelle. It was a short scene seeing her in action, but it was still satisfying for the fact that we are seeing Noelle getting more comfortable in her valkyrie armor. The time was taken to show her growth, as well as acknowledge the efforts everyone as a whole would have to continue putting into their training for what’s to come.

With the conclusion of Black Clover “Five-Leaf Clover”, the anticipation has become that much more greater to see what this next arc has in store for us. Will they really be able to get strong enough at the end of this training? Who knows at this point. Though you do have to appreciate them showing us just enough to raise interest in everything which holds potential.

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