Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Mid-Season Premiere “STRAIGHT BET” Review

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the Mid-Season Premiere of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “STRAIGHT BET”! The game had changed through the events of this mid-season finale, and honestly this terrified me. Enough so that I felt chills waiting for this second half of the season to begin again. I mean there’s just so much going on this time around, and the odds are really stacked against Subaru and company. Though that just makes you all the more anxious to see how this guy with no power of his own will turn things around.

Let’s start with where things picked up. I loved that at the end of the day it would be Otto who Subaru finally turns to for help. Ever since this guy was first rescued he has surprisingly been there for Subaru. Enough so that it never made sense that he was never the first person that he would turn to when things got dire. Otto understands the way the world works, he’s impressively observant, and there has almost never been a time where his loyalty was to come into question. So when this scene hit, it hit hard. They nailed the execution of Otto being the one to finally tell Subaru what makes him so foolish. This is not to say that he has been the first, but he sure as hell was the first to put things so bluntly that Subaru can’t anytime soon revert back.

From there, it was exciting to see Subaru lifted up once again to continue playing the game. As the title of this episode suggested, this was his moment to make his intentions known, and there was no one who needed to understand this more than Rozwaal. What came next was a thrill because Subaru was fully acknowledging to Rozwaal that he knew what he was going up against, and that he was still going to do everything in his power to fight for the best possible outcome. And of course without relying on his ability to come back from death. What tied this scene up beautifully was the reaction from Rozwaal. Obviously he was not going to be okay with this, yet at the same time there was no way that he would turn down a bet he was confident he already won, considering how things have turned out so far.

Which brings us to the most crucial element to this story. This being the problem that is Emilia struggling to get through the one trial she has failed numerously. This part was worth waiting for, even if it wasn’t the most thrilling development for me since the start of the second season. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see her realize her potential and show more comfort in who/what she is. Though at the same time it is hard to deny that Emilia hasn’t struggled with nearly as much as others through the actions of the Witch Cult to fall apart the way she does.

That said, I admired the steps they took to set her on the path to healing. They just jumped right into it this time around between Subaru finally trying to have a conversation with her about the trial, and the right person doing what needed to be done to give Emilia her best fighting chance.

Aside from this, I enjoyed seeing other pieces beginning to fall into place. For a story like this, you can’t help but love those moments where things seem to be going according to plan. You know those moments don’t last, but you learn to appreciate them since some of these characters aren’t always going to get the opportunity they are being afforded in the present. After all, Re:Zero at the end of the say is the kind of series where you should always brace for the worst, yet live in the small moments.

All in all, I’m happy to have Re:Zero to look forward to again. The mid-season premiere “STRAIGHT BET” succeeded in giving us a lot to anticipate in terms of the endgame for the episodes remaining.

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